Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Family Treasure !

My Grand Children Decorated this Tree and Gave it to me for Christmas !

One of the best presents I have ever gotten !

Thanks Emma, and JC.

My original post had a Lincoln penny for size comparison, I got to thinking somebody will say something, so I did it again with a Confederate penny !

Monday, December 16, 2013

Twas a night before Christmas !

Twas a night before Christmas, and in cyber land,
No Floggers were blogging, and calling me "Klan"
It seems that ol Kevin was leaving HK. alone -
And Rob Baker from Georgia, was silent as stone.
While drinking my coffee, and taking a sip
I saw not one single word from the "LibertyLip"
And that guy named Al Mackey, as he seldom will do,
Had sealed his mouth shut, with fresh Crazy Glue !
Not one word from Corey, the habitual liar,
I guess he was warming his feet by the fire.
And it was quiet strange there was no Andy Hall
Had he slipped on the steps and taken a fall ?
And from Babblin Brooks Simpson, not one single word,
I thought to myself, it's nice but absurd---

No Mackey, No Sideshow, No Kevin or Andy
No Corey, or Simpson, I felt this was Dandy !

So I counted my blessings, and I turned off the light,
Merry Christmas to Y'all, & Y'all have a goodnight !

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I am only one !

William Henry Tatum

"I might say to myself, I am only one, I will not be missed, but ought we to allow such selfish considerations to govern us, our whole army is made up of individuals and suppose each was to say the same" -  part of a letter dated - 2/10/1862

David Tatum Jr.

" I am only one, and I will continue to '
Forward The Colors
For as long as God will allow"

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Fight Continues !

I really like the picture below.

Two men locked in a life or death struggle for the Battle Flag. This is one of my favorite images.

This picture got me to thinking about "Today's"  struggle over the Battle Flag.

It's no longer a life or death thing, in the physical sense. But the struggle is just as strong in the Heritage sense.

Many people are trying to eradicate the display of the flag, (and all things Southern)  so it is a very trying time for all who hold the memory of our ancestors in their heart.

We have to fight the negative images  of the KKK, Skin Heads, who abuse the true meaning of the flag, as well as the folks from the 1950s and 60s who used the flag as a tool of intimidation because they were opposed to segregation.

And now we also have the Cyber Battle with folks who wish to paint an intricate subject with one stroke of a very broad paint brush.

We are not all Klan, or Racist Hate Mongers. We are in many cases the descendants of the men who fought to save their homes from an invading army. Brave men and women who when Duty Called, went to the front lines and gave all they had to save their Country, Homes, and Families.

I will however cease to fight for the flag one day, When I quit Breathing !

Thursday, November 21, 2013

True Courage !

I was watching the movie "42" the other night, a great movie and one scene in particular comes to mind.

Harrison Ford playing Branch Rickey, says to Chadwick Boseman playing Jackie Robinson,

" I need a man with the courage to not fight back "

That was a fantastic line !

That being said I will get to the subject of this post -- Courage !

One of the most courageous people I know is Susan Hathaway, Yep the founder of the VA Flaggers.

This young lady stood in front of the VMFA alone with a Confederate Battle Flag to protest what many see as an injustice ( The removal of the CBF from the Chapel ), God bless her for that !

Now then by doing so she has come under constant attack from opponents who distort her reasons for carrying the flag.

One in particular Brooks Simpson, seems to have a fixation on Susan, he is constantly Brow Beating her,
making ludicrous accusations about her, and challenging her to reply to his comments.

She gives no reply to him ! So he calls her Silent Susan. I tell you what, Susan is anything but silent !

she ain't afraid of a microphone and don't mince her words, add to her speaking ability, a wonderful singing voice. And she is entertaining and informative.

So it's kinda like the Robinson story, Susan is out front forwarding the colors trying as best she can to protect all of our southern Ancestors. While The whole time the Floggers continue to attack her.

 She is a woman with the courage to not fight back and stays focused on her task.

God Bless ya Susan, Thanks for all your hard work !

Saturday, November 16, 2013

4th Amendment !

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized".

I find it interesting that the Yankee paper calls it murder.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I have a copy of this page, I did not know till I got it in the parking lot that the name of the ship was
 "David Tatum" 

THE design on page 273, from a sketch by Mr. Theodore R. Davis, illustrates the SEIZURE AND HANDLING OF COTTON IN THE SOUTHWEST. With the sketch Mr. Davis sends us the following letter:
Monday Night, March 30, 1863.
"General T. E. G. Ransom, one of the youngest Brigadiers in the army, and an excellent and a gallant officer, who has been severely wounded several times, having learned some weeks ago that a large amount of cotton, pledged to the British Government at seven cents per pound, by the dissonant Confederacy, was hidden near the American Bend, determined to make an effort to rescue it, and at once set about forming an expedition for the purpose.
"Rapid as were the General's movements, he did not succeed in reaching the place before more than half of the staple was burned by the guerrillas; but the remainder, something over three thousand bales, he has secured to our Government, and has been engaged for some days past in hauling it in, and putting it on board of the transports, as is seen in the sketch.
"The cotton was marked "C. S. A.," and with the rebel and British flags, as is shown in the upper center of the picture. The left corner represents a huge pile of the staple covered at the top with boards, to protect it from the inclemency of the weather. The right corner reveals the Negroes hauling the "fleecy monarch" from the swamps and cane-brakes where it was concealed; and the main sketch exposes the shipping of the floculent fiber on board the David Tatum and other steamers lying at the shore.
"The poor contraband's toiled most energetically to bring in the cotton, and were very instrumental in discovering it, hoping by their fidelity and labor to obtain their freedom, for which they manifest a most ardent longing.
"Alas for their vain hopes! After all the service they had rendered they were not allowed to go aboard of the boats, General Grant having issued a special order prohibiting their removal, because no provision has been made for them at Young's Point.
"The disappointment and distress of the Negroes were painfully apparent when they made this unwelcome discovery, and as they stood in crowds—men, women, and children—along the levee, with sorrow-stamped faces, their grief was pitiful to witness—all the more so because they did not murmur or complain.
"Seneca was right: Small griefs are loud; great woes are dumb. D."

Did Lincoln reject a chance for peace ?

This is from a Yankee News Paper of the times.
Did Lincoln pass up a chance for peace ?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Will of Josiah Tatum 1797

He was my GGGGG Grand Father.

What did he do to make a living ? He rented out servants !

By today's moral standards he would have been an evil man, 
 However by the standards of the mid / late 1700s he was a business man who served the needs of the area.
Why am I posting this ?
I have received a few E-Mails from people researching their ancestors who were slaves, with any luck I hope that the information in this copy of the will can help some one !

I did the best I could on trans scribing the written text, if anyone sees something I missed please  let me know !

Will of Josiah Tatum 1797
Will book #5 page 382 Chesterfield county VA.

In the name of God Amen.

" I Josiah Tatum of the county of Chesterfield VA.
Being in a deplorable state of health,but by the blessing of God of a perfect sound disposing mind and memory do make and declare, this my last will and Testament". 

 "First I give to my son Henry Tatum, all that tract or parcel of land lying in the east side of Middle Creek, adjoining my said son's land, also the following Slaves- (to wit)
Yorkie, Dan'l, Sam, Dick, Old Biddy, and all her grown Children now in the possession of my said son Henry , also Curry, Jenny, the Younger Lucy and her children. & their increase to him and his heirs forever."

2nd I give to my son Zachariah Tatum all that land or parcel of land  where I now reside  adjoining my said sons land , also the --

----Following Slaves (to wit) 
Doctor and Lincy, Dinah , Hanna, Bob, Betty, Aggy, Judy and all her children,
Jenny and all her children, and all their increase to him and his heirs forever.

3rdly I give to my Son in Law William Harrington, the following slaves (to wit)
Rachel, Eddie,Ned, Caesor, Phillie and their increase to him and his heirs forever,

4thly I give to my sons, Henry Tatum And Zachariah Tatum, the following slaves (to wit)
Use  and all her children.Sarah and all her children, Onnake and all her Children, together with all the property here to for lent or hired to my son in law Lewellin Hudson and my Daughter Rebeca Hudson and their children and edncating---

the some and my will and desire is that the profits and ??? of the said estate left to my sons Henry and Zachariah ,should be by them solely and applied to the purpose during the life of my said daughter Rebecca
and her death, my will and desire is all the said estate so left in trust to my sons Henry and Zachariah Tatum should be equally divided between all my daughter  Rebecca's children, them and their heirs forever.

5thly It is my desire that the crop of corn, wheat, and tobacco in hand, and that shall be growing at my decease be appropriated by my executors here after maintained to the payments of my just debts.
and the residence  and remainder if any be divided between my three children, Henry, Zachariah Tatum, and Rebecca Hudson , and the deficiency if any be made up by my two sons Henry and Zachariah only, and equally , my will and desire is that the rest and residence of my estate both real--- 

and ???? and revisions to be equally  divided between my two sons.
Henry and Zachariah Tatum, and their heirs forever.
And I hear by appoint my sons Henry and Zachariah my Executors of this my last will and Testament,
hereby annulling  every other will by me here to for made.
 In Witness where I have here ??? set my hand and affixed my seal this first day of 
January in the year of our lord Christ 

Josiah Tatum

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lee, Jackson Day / Jan 17th 2014

Ya won't see it on any calendars, it won't be announced on TV.

But Virginia still observes Lee, Jackson Day. Yep it's a state holiday !

I've already put in for the day off, I work at a state site, but I'm a contractor,
So I have to request the day off.  A fine holiday for all !


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Confederates " Infernal Machine"

The Confederates had to use a bit of imagination / creativity to fight the Yankees.
Having nowhere near the resources as the North, the South had to use what they had.

July 7th 1861 Capt. Rudd of the Steamer USS Resolute removed an ingenious device set adrift by the confederates form Aquia Creek.

The Infernal Machine was removed from the Patomac as it drifted towards the Pawnee.

This description was sent to the Navy Department ---

"Two large 80 gallon oil cask perfectly watertight, acting as buoys, connected by 25 fathoms of 3 and one half inch rope, buoyed with large squares of cork, every two feet secured to casks by iron handles, A heavy bomb of boiler iron fitted with a brass tap and filled with powder, was suspended to the casks six feet under water. On top of the cask was a large wooden box, filled with fuse in a gutta percha tube. In the center of the cork was a platform with a great length of fuse that coiled away, occupying the middle of the cask."


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Other Battle of Iron Clads !

I'm sure we all have read about the battle between the CSS Virginia and the USS Monitor.
It happened just a few miles from where I live.

While I was looking around in my book collection I found this.

The Confederate RAM "ARKANSAS" vs The Union Gunboat Carondelete.

JULY 15th 1862.
 July 14th-15 miles above Vicksburs the union gunboats Tyler and Corondelete ( sent by Commorde Farragut to survey the Yazoo river and locate the ARKANSAS.
About 7:00 pm the union ships anchored for the night, the next morning they steamed up river.
Soon Capt Gwin of the Tyler saw a plume of smoke he assumed was from the ARKNANSAS which was rapidly advancing on the Tyler, A thunderous report was heard and a huge round of shot went howling over the deck of the Tyler. Capt. Walke of the Carondelete ordered the Tyler to steam at full speed to alarm the fleet and advise it to prepare for the Confederate Monster.

In Ten minutes the ARKANSAS and Carondelete were along side each other and the battle started.
The  two ships fought a desperate dual, The heavily clad ARKANSAS showed little effect from the direct hits, while shot from the ARKANSAS passed clear through the Carondelete.

Seeing his predicament Capt Walke ran along side the Confederate ship and Grappled her, The Union sailors quickly boarded the ARKANSAS but could find no way to engage their foe. The Confederates had gone below and sealed the hatches. 

This battle is reported to have been a draw, just as with the Virginia and Monitor.

This is what it's all about !

June 11 1863, Confederate forces cross the Potomac !

A lot of people seem to know what is in the hearts and minds of we who choose to fly the Battle Flag to honor our ancestors. They seem to think we have a hidden agenda, calling us the Klan, Neo Confederates, or whatever other convenient derogatory term comes to mind.

As for me and many others, THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT !
It's the Soldiers Flag ! Not the KKK, or Neo-Nazis !

It's the flag our ancestors followed into battle and rallied around.

Makes me Damn Proud to be from the South !
And you can quote me on that !!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Will of Obedieance Tatum 1821

Wow talk about inflation !
My Great Grandfathers aunt, Obedieance Tatum left a will that list everything she owned!

I guess by the standard of the times she was very well off.

If you download the pictures and put them in Windows Picture viewer you can zoom in and easily read the list. 

JC Tatum made this copy of the will !

Insight into the Bermuda Hundred.

The VA Flaggers put up a flag along I-95  near the Bermuda Hundred road.

I found a bit of info about the area in family journals.

( Download the picture, put it in windows picture viewer and you can zoom in )



Friday, October 18, 2013

Howitzer shenanigans !

An amusing story from-- 
of the First Company 
Richmond Howitzers 

It was at Mead's Farm that a piece of fun occurred. 
At the battle of Manassas, an ambulance with a horse 
was captured. The ambulance was a clumsy affair, 
shaped like a large box poised up on two wheels, with 
a seat in front, and doors in the rear, with shafts 
attached to it. At Fairfax Court House two recruits, 
brothers, joined the Company, Benjamin and John 
Grover. Benjamin was the youngest, not over sixteen 
or seventeen years old. He was as wild and unlettered 
as a Comanche Indian. Ben was detailed as driver of 
the ambulance. He used it to sleep in. One night, 
when he was sleeping soundly, a cannoneer tied his 
feet to the seat, and threw the shafts up. His feet 
were up and his head down, He bellowed like a good 
fellow. His brother came to his assistance, and cut 
him down. Ben complained to Captain Shields of the 
treatment he had received. The Captain took the situ- 
ation in at once and told Ben that he should have re- 
dress for the ill treatment. The Captain said that he 
would hold the guard that Avas on duty the night it 
occurred responsible. The guard consisted of six can- 
noneers. They were court-martialed. Everything was 
conducted in accordance with army regulations, charges, 
specifications, and finding of the court. Lieutenant 
Henry Williams was judge-advocate; Taylor Martin was
 prosecuting attorney; Robert Styles was Benjamin's
 counsel. The finding of the court was, that the 
guard was guilty, and the punishment named was that 
each member of the guard was to be bumped three times, 
kneeling on all fours, using Benjamin as a battering 
ram. I was appointed sheriff, to execute the sentence. 
I appointed James Ellett my deputy. Several of the 
guards were staid and dignified fellows, and they did 
not relish the procedure, yet there was no evading it. 
The speeches made were of the highest order, and 
abounded with wit, humor and pathos. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What would you do ?

OK this is for anybody who wants to jump in and comment.

An army is gathering at the border of your hometown, an invasion is imminent.

What would you do ?  Fight to protect you home, or roll over ?

All answers are welcome as long as you STICK TO THE QUESTION !


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Who was the Confederate soldier?

So who was the Confederate soldier?
He was a man of every color, every income range, every religion, a man who was highly educated or had no education at all. A farmer, a lawyer, a politician, a store clerk, a blacksmith, a ship captain, a dock worker, a military man, a civilian, a slave , a slave owner,A free Black man, a native American, A Doctor, He was every man who resisted the despotic Government of Abe Lincoln; and all had one thing in common, they were Southerners!

Men to whom Honor was more than an idea, it was a way of life.
Men of courage, outnumbered, without supplies’, Men who when the enemy had repeating rifles and endless amounts of ammunition , stood their ground and threw rocks at the invaders.

Men who at Appomattox upon General Lee’s return from the surrender told the general,
“Just give us the word general and we’ll charge em again”!

That is who they were, and that is why we honor them


Friday, October 11, 2013

More stuff you won't find in Text Books.

The attached story if from
Reminiscence of The Richmond Howitzers
By TJ Macon

Sounds like something I would be involved in !


Thursday, October 10, 2013

JC Tatum a Confederate Soldier remembers--

It's a rainy day, just perfect for going over old family records.
I ran across a page written by JC Tatum, My great grandfather, written 30 years after the War Between the States.

" After an interval of over thirty years of time my memory takes me back to my wartime days 
(1861 1865) it seems strange about my experience as a Confederate soldier , yet it is true. And that I am proud today as a prince of that experience 
. I rejoice with exceeding great joy to know that I and my brother William were  soldiers in the Army of Northern Virginia and that I lived in the same days and generation and breathed the same liberty loving atmosphere as Generals Lee and Jackson and that incomparable host of patriots whose valor and  heroic achievements for our cause has challenged the admiration of the civilized world .
My brother and I did our duty to the last, we had guns and used them in many hard fought battles to our satisfaction, without either being taken prisoner or receiving only slight wounds once in a while"
                                                                                                         John C Tatum

I guess rainy days are good for something !



Tuesday, October 8, 2013

House cleaning !


Notice anything missing ?

I cleaned house on 99% of the I-95 stuff, and all the other Who-ha.

so I hope ya saved what ya wanted !

I'm gonna try to get back to the original intent of the blog, which was to show the WBTS from the soldiers viewpoint.

Yea, I got caught up in a lot of time wasting arguments.

I'm waiting for my computer to come home, the hard drive died and I ain't sure how much if any thing will come back.

So I'm gonna focus on the Richmond Howitzers and other Confederate view points, from the man in the field
at the time it happened.

Sorry I got caught up in the dumb stuff,  I will try and do better.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Flying in the Sweet Virginia Breeze !

Despite the oppositions best efforts the I-95 Battle Flag went up today !

You can watch the video here!

Random photos from the event !

Susan's speech
Video of Color Guard marching in '

Thanks to the Local Police for traffic control.

Photo by Judy Smith