Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Flaggin Wagon !

The Va Flaggers are on the Boulevard in Richmond at the #VMFA,
 and testing out the latest weapon in the Flagger arsenal and are proud to introduce ... 


This vehicle was a news station satellite truck in its former life. 
Now it's been outfitted to extend a 70' pole and fly a 10x15 flag!

Still some body, paint and detail work to be completed, but we wanted to give her a test run. 

What do y'all think?

Monday, June 27, 2016

His mouth wrote a check ----


Walking down the sidewalk after leaving the Trump rally early, one of our Flaggers came upon a group of Anti-Trump protesters marching down the street, screaming obscenities, and began to video them, when he noticed that Mr. Goad was among the group.  When he approached him, "Toad" (as we affectionately nicknamed him) became unhinged and began screaming profanities directed at him personally, and inciting the mob to attack him.  The Richmond Police immediately intervened, but not before Toad had violated several laws....on film.   You can watch the video here... **Warning:  Graphic profanity**

That weekend, a warrant was sworn out for misdemeanor curse and abuse, and was served the same day .  Mr. Goad is scheduled to be arraigned in Richmond.

We will be in court to do everything in our power to see that justice is served, and send a strong message that while we will not be "goaded" (no pun intended) into reacting in kind to these attempts to incite, we are not going to tolerate these kinds of violent attacks on our Flaggers, and that every attempt to intimidate us only strengthens our resolve.

( This post is from an E-mail I got from the VA Flaggers )

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ebb Tide !

Some folks call them Victories !

I feel it's more of an Ebb Tide situation, we haven't gained any ground, but we are losing less.

House drops Confederate Flag ban for veterans cemeteries

"A measure to bar confederate flags from cemeteries run by the Department of Veterans Affairs was removed from legislation passed by the House early Thursday.
The flag ban was added to the VA funding bill in May by a vote of 265-159, with most Republicans voting against the ban. But Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) both supported the measure. Ryan was commended for allowing a vote on the controversial measure, but has since limited what amendments can be offered on the floor. In negotiations to reconcile the House funding measure with the Senate bill, the confederate flag provision was dropped. The bill passed the House 239-171."

Hampton School Board votes against renaming two schools

"The Hampton School Board voted unanimously Wednesday not to move forward with renaming Jefferson Davis Middle School and The Campus at Lee.
Board members discussed public feedback and said that most of those they heard from opposed changing the schools’ names. Every person that I talked to did not support changing the names of the schools,” said board member Joe Kilgore.
Some residents at earlier public hearings said the community needs to remember the past, even the uncomfortable parts. Others argued the division has more important things to focus on.
In May, a civil rights group demanded that the schools be renamed.
“These two individuals represent hatred and bigotry and racial division,” said Andrew Shannon, President of the Peninsula Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, at a prior meeting.
Shannon made a final push before the board voted Wednesday.
“Stop the glorification of evil … Remove the name,” he said.
School board chair Martha Mugler said the board will not establish a committee to consider the request to rename the schools.
If the community had come out resoundingly for us to move forward and do that, we would have impaneled a committee to consider names,” Mugler said. “That’s not what we heard from our citizens.

                                                   Who knows maybe the tide is turning !

Project Update !

My latest project has been Flag Markers ----

Ever start a project and wish you hadn't ?

People love the Flags, but I have stopped production for now.
After stamping them out it takes 13 separate cuts to make one.
Then I have to heat treat them, sand and paint them.
Sooner or later I'll find a quicker way to make them !

But I'm still trying to stay POSITIVE !

Monday, June 20, 2016

Scuffle over Confederate flags at Charleston Battery lands two tourists in jail


Lydia Folckomer and Paul Folckomer

A scuffle over Confederate flags Saturday at The Battery landed two tourists in jail.

The S.C. Secessionist Party was putting on its weekly display of Southern flags. A woman walking by broke two small Confederate flags off a parked truck and ran away with them, according to a Charleston police report. Party founder James Bessenger, 27, took off running after her.

A man stepped in front of Bessenger and kept grabbing him so he couldn’t chase the young woman, according to the report. Police were called.

Police identified the woman who broke off the flags as Lydia Folckomer, 22, of Brooklyn, N.Y. She told officers she grabbed the flags because they upset her.

The man who grabbed Bessenger was identified as her father, Paul Folckomer, 50, of Brevard, N.C. He told officers he grabbed Bessenger to keep him from chasing his daughter.

The daughter was charged with malicious injury to real property. Her father was charged with simple assault. They spent the night in jail and were released on bail Sunday afternoon.

The party posted an account of the incident on their Facebook page.

“The moral of the story? Make the Yankees pay for their crimes when they come to our State, break our laws and attempt to dishonor our ancestors.”

This story by  Dave Munday @ The Post and Courier

Virginia Flagger Assaulted !


On Saturday, June 18, the Va Flaggers were forwarding the colors on the sidewalk outside of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (#VMFA) on a warm, but beautiful afternoon. The afternoon had been a fairly quiet one with some great conversations and more positive responses than negative ones.

That all changed when a young woman walked by several Flaggers who were seated in chairs due to physical disabilities. The woman suddenly turned to one female Flagger and proceeded to throw the entire contents of a beverage can she was carrying directly in the face of the female Flagger who was seated quietly on the edge of the sidewalk.

The woman who was assaulted immediately got up and began to follow the assailant, while dialing 911, and VMFA security, having watched the incident on their security monitors as it occurred rushed out to assist.

Flaggers followed the assailant into the VMFA and pointed her out to VMFA security, who detained her until Richmond Police officers arrived.

They listened as the officers explained to the assailant that in this country, disagreeing with someone does not give one the right to assault them. The officers then explained to the victim that it was up to her as to whether charges would be pressed, to which the Flagger responded "charge her with the most serious applicable crime."

The victim went on to explain that the young woman was very fortunate that she was on the sidewalk today representing a Cause much bigger than any individual, which led her to exercise such extreme restraint. Had this happened to her individually, and had she not been representing the Va Flaggers, our ancestors, and the flags they fought and died beneath, the assailant would likely be taking a ride in an ambulance instead of a police car.

The woman was charged with assault. We will be in court to make sure she is convicted, and send a strong message that we are not going to tolerate these kinds of violent attacks on our Flaggers, and that every attempt to intimidate us only strengthens our resolve.

The Va Flaggers wish to thank the Richmond Police Department for their quick response and assistance in handling this matter.

God bless the Flaggers!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Notice what DIDN’T happen immediately after THIS mass shooting?

Nearly a year ago to the day, on June 15 of last year, the deranged Dylan Roof entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina, opened fire and killed 9 people, all of them black Americans. Not fifty. Nine.

Shortly after that tragic massacre, photos began surfacing on the internet of Roof with a Confederate flag. Once those pictures began circulating, the left in America lost its collective mind. People began defacing statutes and other historic monuments, in the face of relentless pressure some such monuments –pieces that speak to the actual history of our nation– were taken down.

The government of the state of South Carolina likewise succumbed to pressure, removed the Confederate flag and ceased flying it over the capital building as did multiple cities across the south. Confederate flags were pulled off store shelves and internet e-tail sites and if you were unlucky enough to be spotted with a sticker of that red flag on the bumper of your car, you were likely to be verbally assaulted, called all sorts of ugly names, and quite possibly worse.

Now in the wake of a 50-person slaughtering at the hands of a jihad-bent Islamic maniac, will the left in America begin calling for mosques to be torn down? If the government does not begin the process of their removal will they begin defacing them, spray-painting the sides, tearing them down or doing as much damage to them via their own devices as possible? Will there be protests in which noted politically left groups and individuals burn the black ISIS flag or the flag of Afghanistan (the national origin of the shooter’s parents.) Will there be any protests at all?

Or, instead of the protests and outrage that Mr. Roof’s atrocity solicited, will there be calls for understanding, will these same people who were so incensed at the shooting of nine perfectly innocent people excuse away this senseless loss of life and call for us not to judge all by the actions of one?

I wonder.

Written by Derrick Wilburn on June 13, 2016

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Product Placement ?

Richmond VA !
I don't know how the media allowed this, BUT --

( From WAVY TV 10)

Is this an instance of Product Placement ?
I don't think the seat locations happen by chance !

Sunday, June 5, 2016