Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Call it in the Air !!!!

It looks like the end of the SCV plate in VA is up in the air !

A lot of Floggers were touting it's end !

And it's still a coin toss, but it ain't over !

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dave Tatum's Bucket Challenge.

Remember a while back the Ice Bucket Challenge was going around ?

Well I got a new challenge for ya !

The Soap Bucket Challenge !

First thing you need is a bucket of Soapy Water.

Then go find a Confederate Tombstone !

I found this one at Ceder Hill Cemetery in Suffolk VA.

It still had the Remember Coin I placed a while back !
And had mildew starting to form on it.

Then take your bucket of Soapy Water - with mild soap and a soft brush --

And give it a good scrubbing !

It ain't Rocket Science !
( I left a new coin)

If you are up for the challenge, and you Document it, Take some pictures,
I will send you a free REMEMBER COIN to place at the grave.

Get off Facebook, get into the real world and make a difference.

Are you willing to take the Challenge ?

Check the type of soap you use -

You can use a non-ionic detergent (mix an ounce of the detergent in a gallon of water) because unlike most other detergents, it does not cause the deposition of soluble salts on the gravestone. You can find non-ionic detergents at janitorial, photographic, and conservation supplies.

And give the stone a good rinse ! with clean water.

 I checked out cleaners that are OK to use on Tombstones, guess what I found ? 
A non-ionic detergent =
Dawn Professional Liquid Detergent - about 5 bucks at Staples !


I've been told not to use Dawn, instead use---

Staying Positive in Hard Times.

Times are tough in Dixie !

With slews of people calling for the eradication of anything and everything Confederate
Staying positive is also tough.

The suspicious death of Anthony Hervey is the focal point of a lot of Pro Confederate folks.
I designed a ribbon for him and was swamped with request from folks wanting one.

I flash batched 25 ribbons and expressed mailed them for his funeral.

Trying to keep away from negative thoughts is hard !

Where the Hell is Al Sharpton ?
 If Black lives matter (and they do) why is Al ignoring this situation ?

We also have this ---
Atlanta City Council wants more inclusive Stone Mountain memorial

Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King on Stone Mountain ?

My thoughts on that idea ---

"People in Hell want Ice Water"

Moving right along --

The Virginia Flaggers have taken matters into their own hands to Guard Confederate Monuments.
I don't know the particulars or schedules, but Monuments in Richmond VA 
are being monitored to prevent vandalism.  

I made a set of ribbons for the Monument Guard !
Thanks for Guarding our History Folks !

The threat of Confederate Flags being banned from any Federal Cemetery
has caused a surge in Remember Coin request !
If ya can't put a flag up, place a coin !

I've also sent out a few molds and other folks have started making them !

Let's all stay Positive, and do good things !

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Moody for Mayor !

Unwilling to give in to political correctness councilman Moody made a wonderful comment at the Portsmouth City Council Meeting.

See it HERE

Thank you Mr. Moody !

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Staying Positive !

Rather than waste time  signing useless E- Petitions and arguing with haters online, 

I got around to making a New Set of Ribbons.

My Great Grand father was with the First Company Richmond Howitzers.

So I made a set of Howitzer ribbons.

I already have gotten requests for two more sets,

Staying Positive !

Monday, July 13, 2015


Remember a while back when the "Knock Out Game" was going around ?

Well there is a new Game in town / "Snatch The Flag"

Now people are Having their flags stolen / destroyed on private property !

Look HERE & Here & HERE for a few of the stories.

This Video says it all !

Yeeeesh, not content with the movement to erase all things Confederate from public property
the attack now moves to private property !

Well Bubba I keep putting up flags --

My Front Yard

The end of my driveway.
An earlier picture of the same flag I posted on F/B got  this comment from a flogger --

" David, I see on Facebook and Twitter that you are flying your 13 star 1st National at your house...well on the power/telephone companies pole. Do you have permission to do that? Just curious. I wonder if they would approve...might have to email them. "

So I sent him their contact information !


Your welcome to try to take mine !

But this old Fat Man don't play by your rules !

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mr Mayor ---

This is an open letter to 

Kenneth Wright, Mayor Portsmouth VA.

Mr Mayor,

 My name is David Tatum Jr. I was born in Maryview hospital in 1954. I've lived at several locations in Portsmouth, I work in Portsmouth, I shop in Portsmouth, so don't let the fact that I currently live in Suffolk have any less effect than if I were able to vote in Portsmouth.

Your recent support to remove the Confederate monument on High Street is like a blind man playing Frisbee, you got hit with something you didn't see coming.  

Mr Mayor, let me ask you " As Mayor what gives you the right to seek the removal of a monument that does not belong to the city" ? A monument that is protected by law !

§ 15.2-1812. Memorials for war veterans.

I would also like to ask you about the timing of your position, Why Now ? Why not last year ?
If it's wrong now, it was wrong last year and for 147 years before. So why now ?

Let me guess, "The murders in S.C." that have created an Erase all things Confederate movement.
And you, not wanting to miss the bandwagon have road the coattails of the tragedy to promote your personal agenda. That's pathetic !

Mr Mayor, IF you were able to have the monument taken down, what would be next ?

Would you back fill Dry Dock 1 at the N.N.S.Y.

The CSS Virginia was outfitted there.

Heck I guess you would want the whole shipyard closed, take a close look at the flag on the right!

NNSY Portsmouth - Gate C
That's the First National Flag / CSA.

The "Stars and Bars"

Don't stop there how about street names ----
Lee Street
Lee Ave.
Jackson Street
And Others ---

Mr Mayor, I think you should take a look at your actions and your own prejudice.

You should also heed the words of  Isoroku Yamamoto -----

 "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."


As well as pay attention to Newtons 3rd Law. 

For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.

David Tatum Jr 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Freddy goes to P Town.

Me and Freddy went to P-Town today !

First we got Freddy Ready !

Freddy is my 1993 Ford Festiva.

I had to get ready also !

First we went to the Portsmouth Monument !

A city councilman wants it removed !

Freddy found a good spot near the monument.

It's a Beautiful Monument !

All  of the Confederate Armed services are Represented.

My Favorite 

Freddy stood watch while I took pictures !

We got to City Park early !

After a while folks started showing up
 and signed the petition to save the Monument.

I took a Box of Ribbons and Remember coins.

Not far from the shelter where the petition was
stands another Confederate Monument.

And one for Lafayette !

Didn't take long for folks to startshowing up !

Folks were informed of the upcoming council meeting.

And the crowd was growing !

The Parking lot was filling up !

And the crowd grew.

WAVY TV 10 Showed up and interviewed Frank Earnest.

The crowd continued to grow !

None of the 154 Ribbons I made
 went back home with me !

And we had music !

Click Below.

It was a wonderful Event !


WAVY TV 10 news item