Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Fight Continues !

I really like the picture below.

Two men locked in a life or death struggle for the Battle Flag. This is one of my favorite images.

This picture got me to thinking about "Today's"  struggle over the Battle Flag.

It's no longer a life or death thing, in the physical sense. But the struggle is just as strong in the Heritage sense.

Many people are trying to eradicate the display of the flag, (and all things Southern)  so it is a very trying time for all who hold the memory of our ancestors in their heart.

We have to fight the negative images  of the KKK, Skin Heads, who abuse the true meaning of the flag, as well as the folks from the 1950s and 60s who used the flag as a tool of intimidation because they were opposed to segregation.

And now we also have the Cyber Battle with folks who wish to paint an intricate subject with one stroke of a very broad paint brush.

We are not all Klan, or Racist Hate Mongers. We are in many cases the descendants of the men who fought to save their homes from an invading army. Brave men and women who when Duty Called, went to the front lines and gave all they had to save their Country, Homes, and Families.

I will however cease to fight for the flag one day, When I quit Breathing !