Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Other Battle of Iron Clads !

I'm sure we all have read about the battle between the CSS Virginia and the USS Monitor.
It happened just a few miles from where I live.

While I was looking around in my book collection I found this.

The Confederate RAM "ARKANSAS" vs The Union Gunboat Carondelete.

JULY 15th 1862.
 July 14th-15 miles above Vicksburs the union gunboats Tyler and Corondelete ( sent by Commorde Farragut to survey the Yazoo river and locate the ARKANSAS.
About 7:00 pm the union ships anchored for the night, the next morning they steamed up river.
Soon Capt Gwin of the Tyler saw a plume of smoke he assumed was from the ARKNANSAS which was rapidly advancing on the Tyler, A thunderous report was heard and a huge round of shot went howling over the deck of the Tyler. Capt. Walke of the Carondelete ordered the Tyler to steam at full speed to alarm the fleet and advise it to prepare for the Confederate Monster.

In Ten minutes the ARKANSAS and Carondelete were along side each other and the battle started.
The  two ships fought a desperate dual, The heavily clad ARKANSAS showed little effect from the direct hits, while shot from the ARKANSAS passed clear through the Carondelete.

Seeing his predicament Capt Walke ran along side the Confederate ship and Grappled her, The Union sailors quickly boarded the ARKANSAS but could find no way to engage their foe. The Confederates had gone below and sealed the hatches. 

This battle is reported to have been a draw, just as with the Virginia and Monitor.

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