Friday, November 1, 2013

The Will of Josiah Tatum 1797

He was my GGGGG Grand Father.

What did he do to make a living ? He rented out servants !

By today's moral standards he would have been an evil man, 
 However by the standards of the mid / late 1700s he was a business man who served the needs of the area.
Why am I posting this ?
I have received a few E-Mails from people researching their ancestors who were slaves, with any luck I hope that the information in this copy of the will can help some one !

I did the best I could on trans scribing the written text, if anyone sees something I missed please  let me know !

Will of Josiah Tatum 1797
Will book #5 page 382 Chesterfield county VA.

In the name of God Amen.

" I Josiah Tatum of the county of Chesterfield VA.
Being in a deplorable state of health,but by the blessing of God of a perfect sound disposing mind and memory do make and declare, this my last will and Testament". 

 "First I give to my son Henry Tatum, all that tract or parcel of land lying in the east side of Middle Creek, adjoining my said son's land, also the following Slaves- (to wit)
Yorkie, Dan'l, Sam, Dick, Old Biddy, and all her grown Children now in the possession of my said son Henry , also Curry, Jenny, the Younger Lucy and her children. & their increase to him and his heirs forever."

2nd I give to my son Zachariah Tatum all that land or parcel of land  where I now reside  adjoining my said sons land , also the --

----Following Slaves (to wit) 
Doctor and Lincy, Dinah , Hanna, Bob, Betty, Aggy, Judy and all her children,
Jenny and all her children, and all their increase to him and his heirs forever.

3rdly I give to my Son in Law William Harrington, the following slaves (to wit)
Rachel, Eddie,Ned, Caesor, Phillie and their increase to him and his heirs forever,

4thly I give to my sons, Henry Tatum And Zachariah Tatum, the following slaves (to wit)
Use  and all her children.Sarah and all her children, Onnake and all her Children, together with all the property here to for lent or hired to my son in law Lewellin Hudson and my Daughter Rebeca Hudson and their children and edncating---

the some and my will and desire is that the profits and ??? of the said estate left to my sons Henry and Zachariah ,should be by them solely and applied to the purpose during the life of my said daughter Rebecca
and her death, my will and desire is all the said estate so left in trust to my sons Henry and Zachariah Tatum should be equally divided between all my daughter  Rebecca's children, them and their heirs forever.

5thly It is my desire that the crop of corn, wheat, and tobacco in hand, and that shall be growing at my decease be appropriated by my executors here after maintained to the payments of my just debts.
and the residence  and remainder if any be divided between my three children, Henry, Zachariah Tatum, and Rebecca Hudson , and the deficiency if any be made up by my two sons Henry and Zachariah only, and equally , my will and desire is that the rest and residence of my estate both real--- 

and ???? and revisions to be equally  divided between my two sons.
Henry and Zachariah Tatum, and their heirs forever.
And I hear by appoint my sons Henry and Zachariah my Executors of this my last will and Testament,
hereby annulling  every other will by me here to for made.
 In Witness where I have here ??? set my hand and affixed my seal this first day of 
January in the year of our lord Christ 

Josiah Tatum

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