Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stonewall Camp 380 Banquet.

I got to the Banquet Tonight !

The Stonewall camp # 380 had the Shin Dig at Lillian's restaurant in Chesapeake.

There was a good turn out, the Banquet room was full !

The guest speaker was Susan Hathaway

I got a chance to give her a ribbon I made for the event.

I passed out a Bakers Dozen of the ribbons.

And got about 50 more REMEMBER Coins distributed.

My Neighbor John Sarrett III kicked things off.

After a prayer and pledges to the flags Susan took the floor --

And as always, she gave an excellent presentation.

One of the cool things I found out, was there is a plan to put a Battle Flag
near the neighborhood I grew up in !
Bowers Hill, in Chesapeake VA.

Back when the Power Ball was at 1.4 Billion 
I joked about putting a flag there.

It would be hard to find a better spot !
Super Heavy Traffic Flow.

After Susan Finished, she was presented the
  Stonewall Camps Lee - Jackson award for 2016.

All in all it was a Great Evening !

( More on the Bowers Hill Flag ASAP. )

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

" If only more people understood -- "


"I have a quick and amazing story. I got to thinking about a woman that I met last night that stopped by the Wendy's restaurant in Colonial Heights. Her youngest daughter was 71. They came to Petersburg for about two weeks and were heading back home to South Carolina. I overheard them talking in the parking lot about this amazing flag on their way on 95. Of course hearing that I started talking to them before we left. Her daughter Maria was 71 and the mom was 103. Her name was Betty. For a 103 year old woman Betty was an out spoken woman. Anyway she was talking about the Confederate flag that was put up Saturday and how proud she was to know the truth of that flag. She knew her heritage that defended that flag. She told me she made her daughter find out how to get to that flag and she finally showed up in front of it. She said she got out of the car and she told her daughter look here, this is someone that loves the South. And as she was telling me that I looked at her daughter and looked at her and they both had tears in their eyes. Of course you know what I did, got emotional with them cuz I know how they felt. And then when I told them I was part of the group that put up that flag, she said Oh my God, God bless you. And I told her I was blessed with all my friends which I call family around me that day. She said before they left I can have peace now when I go home, and then her daughter nodded her head and point up. If only more people understood what that flag was all about." 
Photo and testimonial courtesy of Jeff Seymour

The Flaggers have been called controversial by the mainstream  media, meaningless by some social media folks.

Well I feel we are important conservators of History, and we are not afraid to put our flag on display.

And every flag that is raised contributes to its understanding ! Like it says in the post --

"She told me she made her daughter find out how to get to that flag and she finally showed up in front of it."

The Truth is out there, sometimes it takes a little effort to find, but 
"If ye seek ye shall find" !

Sunday, February 14, 2016

OOP- Dare it is !

Oh the pesky VA Flaggers,

Look what they have gone and done. (again)

Just South of Petersburg VA. on I-95 
another Battle Flag has gone up !

( Video Here )

This is #3 for I-95.
The 18th overall.

Given it's location---

It shall be seen by MILLIONS of folks each year !

"Welcome to VIRGINIA"


I was at work and could not attend,
But in a way I was there ----

One of my REMEMBER coins was placed !
I'm Honored !

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Half Time Shows and such --

It seems the Half Time Show by BeyoncĂ©
 has caused a bit of an uproar on Social Media and other places.

I defend her 1st Amendment right to do so,
 it was a brilliant move on her part to get her message out !

You would be hard pressed to get a larger free audience. 
And unlike Janet Jackson's "Wardrobe Malfunction",
 many many people had to be aware of the content and message that the show was going to present.
Apparently the executives with the NFL and CBS didn't see it as a racist presentation they had to know beforehand what the Half Time show was about.

But "what if " - "THIS"- had been the message -- 

A pro Confederate performance by Anyone !

You can bet your Bippy there would have been an outcry of rage.

Al, Jesse, Nikki, and a host of others would have lead the charge and cried -
"The Sky is Falling" !!!

But the Executives at CBS and the NFL would NEVER have allowed
 a Pro Confederate presentation to begin with.

There is no 1st amendment when it comes to things Confederate !

And that's my two cents worth.

( Congratulations to Peyton on his 2nd Super Bowl Ring )