Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It's a hot day and you are walking through town , your feet are smokin hot from the concrete and asphalt, you pass by a lush green lawn, it has a sign, "Please Keep Off The Grass"

It doesn't say "No Trespassing" so would it be "proper" to take your shoes off and walk across the lawn ?

Your not walking across the lawn to damage it, but your poor feet are hot, so you say what's the harm? You also say I'm not breaking any law since the sign is a request!

Can you see where I'm coming from ?

Would it be "PROPER" to walk across the grass?

Connie Chastain @ has at her blog a note requesting that you not reprint material without permission!

Basically the same thing, so out of respect should you should follow her request?

I say yes ! Respect and Honor are seriously lacking in today's society !

But some folks just don't care, It's more important to inflate their blog hits by using controversial methods and ignoring scruples!

It's a sad state of affairs. This reflects directly upon the pirate who ignored a polite request !

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad Luck ?

If only Capt. Francesco Schettino had served with Gen. Lee at Gettysburg the outcome would have been different. After all, anybody who has the Bad Luck to trip and fall into a life boat on a sinking ship: thats the kind of guy you need on your side!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Yes I support the VA Flaggers!

Shortly before his passing my Great Grand Father: John C Tatum, who was a member of the Richmond Howitzers was a patient at the RE Lee camp #1 in Richmond Virginia.
The picture above is a copy of his discharge papers form the facility!

The VMFA has removed the Confederate flags from the chapel ! And I am informed this is a violation of VA State law.

But law or no law it's wrong to do so !

So given my family connection to the chapel and the RE Lee camp I do have a legitimate interest in what happens there.

I have on one occasion joined the Flaggers to protest this action. However my work prevents me from joining them as much as I would like.

So to thank the folks who carry the colors I made some ribbons for them. Just my way of saying thanks, and staying involved!

Well wouldn't ya know it, some Yankee bloggers have taken a cheap shot at this action.

My question to them is " What's it to you?" No tax dollars were spent I made them at my cost and send them for free to the Flaggers. Why do I have to be a "Nut" to do what I have done?

But as always anything Confederate is open to attack by folks who have nothing better to do!

Hey fellas get a life ! Promote your heritage, quit knocking mine! What I am doing doesn't cost you a cent. And it sure as Hell is not spreading a lie or hate!

So if you will please just tell me why it offends you I would appreciate it!

Dave Tatum