Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Simpson's Cornucopia of Crap .

(for some reason I can't upload photos at Bassackwards so I'm posting here)

Good old Brooks Simpson, (what a pompous buffoon) decides that because I call one woman a mutt, that I feel that way about all women.

 Did ya notice how he goes from woman to women ? Slick move Bubba but it don't pan out !

Yep I did call "her" a mutt !

Now Why would I do such a thing ?
Well it seems that she feels anyone who has a Battle Flag is KKK or a cockroach.

 And this is just one of her comments about folks who honor the Flag.
There are many more.
So don't get into the name game unless ya can take it as good as you can dish it !

And Simpson coming to the defense of women ?

Gimme a break, one of Simpson's supporters "Toad Gatsby" (remember him?)
The guy who play's profanity filled "Hip Hop"( you know that sweet music that speaks so lovingly of women ) at the VMFA to counter the Flaggers,  I guess that's OK with Simpson.
 Right Brooks that's OK cause he's on your side ?

Brooks do you think this is Ok ?
 Remember he's one of your supporters.
In the Late Night Hour
Written by Hugo, Chad / Williams, Pharrell L / Wright, Eric /Young, Andre Romell Patterson, Lorenzo Jerald / Jackson, O'shea.

When you see me on ya block, call the police
Let them motherfuckers know here come the beast

Oh, in the late night hour

Straight out of Compton, a crazy motherfucker named Ice Cube
And I'm rollin' with the motherfuckin' Neptunes
When I'm caught off, I got a sawed-off
A midget bitch that'll suck a niggas balls off

You too girl if ya fuck with me
I'm gettin' head in gotta lane doin' sixty
About to crash like Teddy Pendergrass
Mama said, "A hard head make a tender ass"

Yeah Simpson talk trash all you want. Cause that's all it is TRASH !

 I await your reply, (but I ain't holding my breath)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

People in Hell !

Via Gregory Burkett

Defending the Heritage, and all those who read these words, I address the idiocy on-going at Washington and Lee University by the "Committee" of 7 Law Students who in their finite knowledge have the audacity to "demand" the removal of flags that are INSIDE of the Lee Chapel. 

(1) This is a PRIVATE institution that YOU applied for, and were chosen, to attend.

 (2) You knew good and well where you were going and
 (3) Accepted Scholarships sponsored by W & L, one of which is from the estate of George Washington (another American who owned slaves-did you turn that money down?).
 (4) You can easily go to other like minded Liberal institutions 
(5) Furthermore you may rest assured that your actions will not be forgotten when you go applying to positions as an Attorney at Law, should you be so graced by the State Bar here in the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA! Thank you D.T..H, I stand by you as always!!!

To the Committee of 7, from Dave Tatum -- "People in Hell want Ice Water"

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Changes are in store !

I checked my Stat Counter, it seems I'm getting a lot of hits from first timers looking for
 Historical post's.
Who was the Confederate Soldier and Eyewitness to Pickett's charge get a lot of hits.
That got me to thinking about the original intent of this blog,

So in the next few days I'm gonna delete all the Blog Wars type stuff !

I will start a new Blog to deal with the Blog Wars.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cannon Thunder !

This guy makes the Best Cannons out there.
I've tried to blow em up and can't do it.

His web site is HERE

I've had a lot of folks ask me where to get a Black Powder Cannon.


I have this one, it will hold 1/2 pound of FFF Pyrodex.
(Don't try it at home)
You can see the test fire of 1/2 pound FF Pyrodex HERE

The next one I want to get is this one !

This guy makes Quality Cannons that are SAFE !

Some of the cannons and mortars out there are pipe bombs, these are top notch !


Monday, April 7, 2014

God Bless --

 A True American Hero !
 I don't live far away from the base where this young man served.
My heart felt thanks and prayers go out to his family.
The Story is  Here