Thursday, November 21, 2013

True Courage !

I was watching the movie "42" the other night, a great movie and one scene in particular comes to mind.

Harrison Ford playing Branch Rickey, says to Chadwick Boseman playing Jackie Robinson,

" I need a man with the courage to not fight back "

That was a fantastic line !

That being said I will get to the subject of this post -- Courage !

One of the most courageous people I know is Susan Hathaway, Yep the founder of the VA Flaggers.

This young lady stood in front of the VMFA alone with a Confederate Battle Flag to protest what many see as an injustice ( The removal of the CBF from the Chapel ), God bless her for that !

Now then by doing so she has come under constant attack from opponents who distort her reasons for carrying the flag.

One in particular Brooks Simpson, seems to have a fixation on Susan, he is constantly Brow Beating her,
making ludicrous accusations about her, and challenging her to reply to his comments.

She gives no reply to him ! So he calls her Silent Susan. I tell you what, Susan is anything but silent !

she ain't afraid of a microphone and don't mince her words, add to her speaking ability, a wonderful singing voice. And she is entertaining and informative.

So it's kinda like the Robinson story, Susan is out front forwarding the colors trying as best she can to protect all of our southern Ancestors. While The whole time the Floggers continue to attack her.

 She is a woman with the courage to not fight back and stays focused on her task.

God Bless ya Susan, Thanks for all your hard work !

Saturday, November 16, 2013

4th Amendment !

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized".

I find it interesting that the Yankee paper calls it murder.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I have a copy of this page, I did not know till I got it in the parking lot that the name of the ship was
 "David Tatum" 

THE design on page 273, from a sketch by Mr. Theodore R. Davis, illustrates the SEIZURE AND HANDLING OF COTTON IN THE SOUTHWEST. With the sketch Mr. Davis sends us the following letter:
Monday Night, March 30, 1863.
"General T. E. G. Ransom, one of the youngest Brigadiers in the army, and an excellent and a gallant officer, who has been severely wounded several times, having learned some weeks ago that a large amount of cotton, pledged to the British Government at seven cents per pound, by the dissonant Confederacy, was hidden near the American Bend, determined to make an effort to rescue it, and at once set about forming an expedition for the purpose.
"Rapid as were the General's movements, he did not succeed in reaching the place before more than half of the staple was burned by the guerrillas; but the remainder, something over three thousand bales, he has secured to our Government, and has been engaged for some days past in hauling it in, and putting it on board of the transports, as is seen in the sketch.
"The cotton was marked "C. S. A.," and with the rebel and British flags, as is shown in the upper center of the picture. The left corner represents a huge pile of the staple covered at the top with boards, to protect it from the inclemency of the weather. The right corner reveals the Negroes hauling the "fleecy monarch" from the swamps and cane-brakes where it was concealed; and the main sketch exposes the shipping of the floculent fiber on board the David Tatum and other steamers lying at the shore.
"The poor contraband's toiled most energetically to bring in the cotton, and were very instrumental in discovering it, hoping by their fidelity and labor to obtain their freedom, for which they manifest a most ardent longing.
"Alas for their vain hopes! After all the service they had rendered they were not allowed to go aboard of the boats, General Grant having issued a special order prohibiting their removal, because no provision has been made for them at Young's Point.
"The disappointment and distress of the Negroes were painfully apparent when they made this unwelcome discovery, and as they stood in crowds—men, women, and children—along the levee, with sorrow-stamped faces, their grief was pitiful to witness—all the more so because they did not murmur or complain.
"Seneca was right: Small griefs are loud; great woes are dumb. D."

Did Lincoln reject a chance for peace ?

This is from a Yankee News Paper of the times.
Did Lincoln pass up a chance for peace ?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Will of Josiah Tatum 1797

He was my GGGGG Grand Father.

What did he do to make a living ? He rented out servants !

By today's moral standards he would have been an evil man, 
 However by the standards of the mid / late 1700s he was a business man who served the needs of the area.
Why am I posting this ?
I have received a few E-Mails from people researching their ancestors who were slaves, with any luck I hope that the information in this copy of the will can help some one !

I did the best I could on trans scribing the written text, if anyone sees something I missed please  let me know !

Will of Josiah Tatum 1797
Will book #5 page 382 Chesterfield county VA.

In the name of God Amen.

" I Josiah Tatum of the county of Chesterfield VA.
Being in a deplorable state of health,but by the blessing of God of a perfect sound disposing mind and memory do make and declare, this my last will and Testament". 

 "First I give to my son Henry Tatum, all that tract or parcel of land lying in the east side of Middle Creek, adjoining my said son's land, also the following Slaves- (to wit)
Yorkie, Dan'l, Sam, Dick, Old Biddy, and all her grown Children now in the possession of my said son Henry , also Curry, Jenny, the Younger Lucy and her children. & their increase to him and his heirs forever."

2nd I give to my son Zachariah Tatum all that land or parcel of land  where I now reside  adjoining my said sons land , also the --

----Following Slaves (to wit) 
Doctor and Lincy, Dinah , Hanna, Bob, Betty, Aggy, Judy and all her children,
Jenny and all her children, and all their increase to him and his heirs forever.

3rdly I give to my Son in Law William Harrington, the following slaves (to wit)
Rachel, Eddie,Ned, Caesor, Phillie and their increase to him and his heirs forever,

4thly I give to my sons, Henry Tatum And Zachariah Tatum, the following slaves (to wit)
Use  and all her children.Sarah and all her children, Onnake and all her Children, together with all the property here to for lent or hired to my son in law Lewellin Hudson and my Daughter Rebeca Hudson and their children and edncating---

the some and my will and desire is that the profits and ??? of the said estate left to my sons Henry and Zachariah ,should be by them solely and applied to the purpose during the life of my said daughter Rebecca
and her death, my will and desire is all the said estate so left in trust to my sons Henry and Zachariah Tatum should be equally divided between all my daughter  Rebecca's children, them and their heirs forever.

5thly It is my desire that the crop of corn, wheat, and tobacco in hand, and that shall be growing at my decease be appropriated by my executors here after maintained to the payments of my just debts.
and the residence  and remainder if any be divided between my three children, Henry, Zachariah Tatum, and Rebecca Hudson , and the deficiency if any be made up by my two sons Henry and Zachariah only, and equally , my will and desire is that the rest and residence of my estate both real--- 

and ???? and revisions to be equally  divided between my two sons.
Henry and Zachariah Tatum, and their heirs forever.
And I hear by appoint my sons Henry and Zachariah my Executors of this my last will and Testament,
hereby annulling  every other will by me here to for made.
 In Witness where I have here ??? set my hand and affixed my seal this first day of 
January in the year of our lord Christ 

Josiah Tatum