Sunday, May 24, 2020

Cedar Hill Visit / 2020

I set out with the coins I had made --

I made my trip to Cedar Hill a day early, A cool morning,
with the clouds touching the ground.

I've changed the way I place my Remember Coins,
I attach them with putty to the back of the UDC markers.
They will cause no damage and can be removed if that's desired.
They may never be seen, but I know they are there.

I gave it my best shot to give a little information on the soldiers I placed a coin for.
Oceola Claudius Crump                           
13th Virginia Cavalry, Company B, Private
Crump was born November 9, 1838 at Cherry Grove, Nansemond
County, the son of John C. Crump. He married Mattie B. Lassiter
(1840-1926) and died February 2, 1900.

Charles Henry Causey, Sr.                         
3rd Virginia Cavalry, Company B, promoted to 1st Lieutenant in
1862, Later promoted to Captain in the Secret Service on General
Magruder's staff.
Causey was born July 14, 1837 in New Castle, Delaware the son of
William and  Mary Colvin Causey. He received his undergraduate
degree from Madison College, Uniontown, Pennsylvania in 1857 and
his law degree from the University of Virginia. He was a state
senator from 1884-1887, Commonwealth's Attorney for Suffolk and
the attorney for the Atlantic and Danville Railroad and the
Seaboard Airline Railroad. Causey practiced law in Suffolk until
his death. He married Martha Josephine Prentis the daughter of
Peter Bowdin and Eliza Wrenn Prentis on September 26, 1864 and
had eight children. He died August 27, 1890 in Suffolk, Virginia
and was buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery 

No information found

      Nathaniel George Norfleet                         
12th Virginia Infantry and Mulligan's Company, Signal Corps
Norfleet was born in Nansemond County on December 21, 1826, the
son of Nathaniel George and Joana Kelly Darder Norfleet. He was a
farmer. He married Mary Elizabeth Darden (b.06-08-1832
d.05-17-1906) on May 29, 1850. She was the daughter of William
and Betsy Cowper Darden. They had eight children. Nathaniel
Norfleet died January 10, 1882 and is buried in Cedar Hill

                      Archibald Duck                              
9th Virginia Infantry, Co.E, Captain
Duck was born December 28, 1833. He resigned from the army in the
spring of 1862 (not reelected). Duck died April 11, 1910.

           Albert J. Rawles                             
6th Virginia Infantry, Company E, Private
Rawles was born April 29, 1842. He died March 1, 1892 

                     Samuel Barnes                               
31st N.C.Regiment, Clingman's Brigade, Hoke's Division, Johnson's
Army, Private
Barnes was born March 8, 1842 and lived in Suffolk after the war.
His wife was Ida V. Barnes (1858-1942). He died July 31, 1919.

                       Samuel Hardy Marshall                           
Engineer Corps, Lieutenant
Marshall was born May 5, 1827. His wife was Anne Marshall
(4/3/1834-5/22/1900). They had two sons and a daughter. He died
September 7, 1885 

Wilson Norfleet
Norfleet was born May 10, 1819, the son of Abram and Elizabeth Norfleet. He married Caroline Virginia McGuire (b.12-6-1826), daughter of James and Emily McGuire on November 16, 1843. CSA 1861-1865. Wilson Norfleet was a Suffolk merchant.

                         Austin Chinn Withers                         
Withers was born December 21, 1841, in Campbell County, Virginia,
the son of Robert W. and Susan D. Withers. He was a courier for
General Jackson 1861-1865. He attended University of Virginia
School of Law. He married Missouri Taylor Riddick (8/4/1848-
5/26/1924) and was a prominent lawyer and commonwealth's attorney
for Suffolk.  Withers died May 28, 1883.

             Benjamin F. Ashburn                           
16th Virginia Infantry, Company A, Private
Ashburn was born in 1842 the son of Sylvester K. and Martha A.
Ashburn. He married Mollie L. (11/26/1848-1/17/1930). Ashburn
died in 1902. 

No Information found.

                 James Robert McGuire                        
16th Virginia Infantry, Company B, 2nd Lieutenant.
McGuire was born March 9, 1824, the son of James and Emily
Riddick McGuire. After McGuire served in the army for a year, he
resigned in 1862. He married Georgiana Catherine Godwin (b.09-29-
1822 d.11-09-1892). He died October 17, 1897 
             James Whitfield Turnley                          
Trambles Brigade, Artillery, Private 
Turnley was born May 2, 1837. He enlisted in June of 1861 and
remained to the end of the war. He married Sallie A. Jennings
(2/8/1839-9/25/1910) on February 4, 1858 and had three children.
Whitfield Turnley died July 3, 1899.

        Richard Simon Boykin                           
18th Virginia Artillery, Company A, Lt.
Richard was born May 1,1846 in Southampton County. He was the son
of John and Caroline Kello Boykin. Caroline was the daughter of
Richard Kello. He first married Nannie Urquhart in 1872. She died
in 1881. He married his second wife Susan Pretlow (1863-1949 ) on
April 6, 1887. By his two wives he had seven children. He read
law with his uncle Judge George T. Bartlett of Georgia and was
admitted to the bar. He was Treasurer of the City of Suffolk and
was a member of the state legislature (1888-1889). He died
January 24, 1913.

No Information found

No Information found

No Information found

Thanks for taking a look !

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Polished Gold !

A few weeks ago my cousin Mary sent me a book owned by J C Tatum,
My Great Grandfather, who was a member of the Richmond Howitzers.

No photo description available. Image may contain: indoor

The book was published in 1891 and given the owner, it's age and missing it's spine
 I was happy to have it.

I looked on E-Bay and found several comparable books, I was shocked by the price.

One is Here / another is Here

I decided to have a hard cover put on mine, I did a google search for local bookbinders and found this one - Long's Roullet .

I Sent an E-Mail with the above pictures and asked for a price.

Within a day I got a reply and was told $45 for a hard cover.

I sent the book with appropriate insurance.

I got my book back in a week or so and I'm happy with the results -

Image may contain: phone, text that says 'Richmond Howitzers' Image may contain: text that says 'Richmond Howitzers'

When I got the book I considered it to be Gold, seeing as how it was owned by my Great Grandfather who was a member of the Richmond Howitzers.

Now having a hard cover added it's polished Gold.


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Gone But Not Forgotten !

Barry Isenhour 

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Image may contain: food

Image may contain: 3 people, including David Tatum Jr, people smiling, people standing, eyeglasses, beard and indoor

I lack the proper words to express my feelings so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
I'll add more as I find them !


Obituary Here.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saturday Off ?

I had a rare Saturday off and did a few things Confederate !

Well it started on Friday when my new battle Flag arrived !

Image may contain: David Tatum Jr

It's 52 X 52 and priced right - you can get one Here !

Like I said, it's a rare Saturday off for me !

It started off with my grandson's finding the stickers that came with the new flag.

Charlie and Logan love stickers, and I can't think of a better use for them !

I went to an SCV meeting in Churchland, the 13 Mechanized had a guest speaker --

A few pictures from the meeting ---

Susan Lee was the guest speaker and lit the memorial candle for her ancestor -
Sgt William Lewis Stone, Co C 20th Va Inf, Oliver Grays.

Mike Armistead made a special presentation.
Jack Cornelius getting his Virginia Division Life Membership Certificate.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and hat

And Susan gave a very nice presentation !

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and indoor

I got home and raised my New Battle Flag !

Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud and outdoor

It was the first Saturday I've had off in a while, I think it was Great !


Monday, January 20, 2020


Another of the Ribbons I have from J C Tatum.

A description is posted HERE

Image result for June 30 1896 Richmond VA / Cornerstone laying description"

The cornerstone laying was accompanied by a large and elaborate ceremony in 1896, including the Confederate veteran's reunion and plans were for a massive temple in Monroe Park costing $250,000.
Proposed Jefferson Davis Memorial temple.jpg

 Fundraising became a problem and the project was scaled back and, with a less-elaborate design, it was finally completed in 1907 on land donated by the city of Richmond at Monument and Davis. The original cornerstone from this 1896 ceremony was included in the final monument.

Image result for Jefferson Davis Monument Richmond VA picture"

On June 3, 1907, the 99th anniversary of Davis’s birth, his only surviving child, Margaret Davis Hayes, unveiled the statue (still missing a few details) on Monument Avenue. The ceremony and parade were the highlight of the annual United Confederate Veterans reunion. Attended by a crowd estimated between 80,000-200,000 people.

Soldiers and Sailors Monument, Richmond VA, 5/30/1894

Another Ribbon my great Grandfather had.

No photo description available.

The Monument --

Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, plant and outdoor

The Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument was dedicated May 30, 1894 on Libbie Hill terrace in Richmond, Va. - Known as the “Single Soldier,” “Silent Sentinel” or similar names depending on the locale, he tops many of the thousands of Civil War monuments to be found in more than 30 states. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
( source /

The Confederate Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument Association was formed in 1889. They decided that the monument was should be modeled after "Pompey's Pillar" in Alexandria, Egypt. It depicts a bronze Confederate private standing on top of the pillar, which is composed of 13 granite blocks to symbolize each of the Confederate states. The monument was completed at the south end of 29th St. in 1894, at a total cost of over $30,000.

An inscription on the statue reads the following:

Erected by the Confederate Soldiers & Sailors Monument Association
Anno Domini 1887-1894

A wonderful on line booklet on Monuments can be found 

My Great Grandfather was a Member of The First Company Richmond Howitzers.

They also have a Monument in Richmond VA.

He was proud of his Service !
He wrote --
" After an interval of over thirty years of time my memory takes me back to my wartime days 
(1861 1865) it seems strange about my experience as a Confederate soldier , yet it is true. And that I am proud today as a prince of that experience 
. I rejoice with exceeding great joy to know that I and my brother William were  soldiers in the Army of Northern Virginia and that I lived in the same days and generation and breathed the same liberty loving atmosphere as Generals Lee and Jackson and that incomparable host of patriots whose valor and  heroic achievements for our cause has challenged the admiration of the civilized world .
My brother and I did our duty to the last, we had guns and used them in many hard fought battles to our satisfaction, without either being taken prisoner or receiving only slight wounds once in a while"
                                                                                                         John C Tatum

And I in turn am proud of Him !