Wednesday, July 29, 2015

2nd Amendment

Home with Confederate flag invaded--

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The story is HERE

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Call it in the Air !!!!

It looks like the end of the SCV plate in VA is up in the air !

A lot of Floggers were touting it's end !

And it's still a coin toss, but it ain't over !

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dave Tatum's Bucket Challenge.

Remember a while back the Ice Bucket Challenge was going around ?

Well I got a new challenge for ya !

The Soap Bucket Challenge !

First thing you need is a bucket of Soapy Water.

Then go find a Confederate Tombstone !

I found this one at Ceder Hill Cemetery in Suffolk VA.

It still had the Remember Coin I placed a while back !
And had mildew starting to form on it.

Then take your bucket of Soapy Water - with mild soap and a soft brush --

And give it a good scrubbing !

It ain't Rocket Science !
( I left a new coin)

If you are up for the challenge, and you Document it, Take some pictures,
I will send you a free REMEMBER COIN to place at the grave.

Get off Facebook, get into the real world and make a difference.

Are you willing to take the Challenge ?

Check the type of soap you use -

You can use a non-ionic detergent (mix an ounce of the detergent in a gallon of water) because unlike most other detergents, it does not cause the deposition of soluble salts on the gravestone. You can find non-ionic detergents at janitorial, photographic, and conservation supplies.

And give the stone a good rinse ! with clean water.

 I checked out cleaners that are OK to use on Tombstones, guess what I found ? 
A non-ionic detergent =
Dawn Professional Liquid Detergent - about 5 bucks at Staples !


I've been told not to use Dawn, instead use---

Staying Positive in Hard Times.

Times are tough in Dixie !

With slews of people calling for the eradication of anything and everything Confederate
Staying positive is also tough.

The suspicious death of Anthony Hervey is the focal point of a lot of Pro Confederate folks.
I designed a ribbon for him and was swamped with request from folks wanting one.

I flash batched 25 ribbons and expressed mailed them for his funeral.

Trying to keep away from negative thoughts is hard !

Where the Hell is Al Sharpton ?
 If Black lives matter (and they do) why is Al ignoring this situation ?

We also have this ---
Atlanta City Council wants more inclusive Stone Mountain memorial

Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King on Stone Mountain ?

My thoughts on that idea ---

"People in Hell want Ice Water"

Moving right along --

The Virginia Flaggers have taken matters into their own hands to Guard Confederate Monuments.
I don't know the particulars or schedules, but Monuments in Richmond VA 
are being monitored to prevent vandalism.  

I made a set of ribbons for the Monument Guard !
Thanks for Guarding our History Folks !

The threat of Confederate Flags being banned from any Federal Cemetery
has caused a surge in Remember Coin request !
If ya can't put a flag up, place a coin !

I've also sent out a few molds and other folks have started making them !

Let's all stay Positive, and do good things !

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Moody for Mayor !

Unwilling to give in to political correctness councilman Moody made a wonderful comment at the Portsmouth City Council Meeting.

See it HERE

Thank you Mr. Moody !

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Staying Positive !

Rather than waste time  signing useless E- Petitions and arguing with haters online, 

I got around to making a New Set of Ribbons.

My Great Grand father was with the First Company Richmond Howitzers.

So I made a set of Howitzer ribbons.

I already have gotten requests for two more sets,

Staying Positive !