Saturday, March 16, 2019

For Traveller !

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It seems one of my Remembrance coins made it to a very special place !

Thanks Wanda !

Monday, February 11, 2019

Please Resign Mr. Northam !

Governor Northam from Virginia is trying to cover his Backside
 to rebound from the Black Face scandal !

In an interview he stated ---

I will take a harder line. If there are statues, if there are monuments out there that provoke this type of hatred and bigotry, they need to be in museums.

In the same interview 

Northam was asked if a portrait of former Virginia Governor Henry Wise, who was a supporter of the Confederacy and the institution of slavery, that was hanging in the parlor should be taken down. He responded, “Well, I think that’s an important part of history, and we need to tell all history,” and that “We have good history in Virginia . . . and we have history that’s not good and I don’t think we can shy away from any of it. We must tell it all, we must put it in perspective.”

Which way Mr. Northam ?
And WHO decides what goes where ?

I don't think the Governor has Virginia's interest in his Heart !

He's just trying to cover his A$$ by saying whatever to whoever and knows no Honor !

Moving right along, the Black Face scandal takes a backseat to this ----

One of the guys where I work is the father of a baby boy born 2 months early, his son is doing fine ! A picture in the Meme below is from his van. Y'all that know me know I hate profanity on the internet. But in this case I'll make an exception, pardon me Gen. Jackson !

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This statement confounds me !

# 1 If the infant is deliverer and kept comfortable I'm assuming the baby is alive !

# 2 Why would you need to resuscitate a comfortable living child ?

# 3 What is there to discuss ?
( Well I guess if the child is unwanted you could discuss adoption!
Other than that - Brest milk or formula, what color blanket to take the baby home in -
 any discussion to terminate the child is conspiracy to Murder !)

Mr Northam, for the good of the Commonwealth of Virginia --


Saturday, February 2, 2019

What a mess in Virginia !

Megan Kelly gets fired for saying -
"But what is racist? Because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on Halloween, or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween. Back when I was a kid that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character."

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But Gov. Northam of VA. gets away with a KKK / Blackface picture ? 
Something just ain't right !

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I've read the impeachment process for a Governor in Virginia, I ain't a lawyer but don't think Mr Northam qualifies under it's wording.

Text of Section 17:

"The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, judges, members of the State Corporation Commission, and all officers appointed by the Governor or elected by the General Assembly, offending against the Commonwealth by malfeasance in office, corruption, neglect of duty, or other high crime or misdemeanor may be impeached by the House of Delegates and prosecuted before the Senate, which shall have the sole power to try impeachments. When sitting for that purpose, the senators shall be on oath or affirmation, and no person shall be convicted without the concurrence of two-thirds of the senators present. Judgment in case of impeachment shall not extend further than removal from office and disqualification to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust, or profit under the Commonwealth; but the person convicted shall nevertheless be subject to indictment, trial, judgment, and punishment according to law. The Senate may sit during the recess of the General Assembly for the trial of impeachments"

But if the Governor had a shred of decency he'd resign !

Will the Democrats -
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3rd option !

Something I found, haven't verified it, but --

"Not Northam"

Northam is second from left !
But I think the pants followed him !

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Monument Destruction Bill DIES in Committee

Minutes ago, the bill to allow destruction of War Memorials in Virginia was KILLED in the house Sub Committee and will not be proceeding to the floor for a vote. 

Committee members were unfazed by the spectacle in chambers, where about a dozen Charlottesville extremists wept and claimed to have been harmed by the “Jim Crow” memorials in that town and the “racist, white supremacists” who support them.  Their false narratives and 

This was a huge victory, but  we must remain vigilant.  Those who hate us and our heritage will not quit and we can not let up for one minute.  This vote, like every other, was almost directly down party lines.  Two democrats broke ranks to protect our war memorials. There is a real and present danger that we could lose the Republican majority in the House of Delegates this November, which would mean that this bill would sail through next session.  WE MUST BECOME POLITICALLY ACTIVE to prevent this.

Stay tuned for ways you can join the fight to save the Commonwealth, and in turn, our monuments and memorials.

Victory in battle  is ours today, but the war rages. All glory to God. All honor to our Confederate ancestors 

Susan Lee
Va Flaggers

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Keep on Going !

The small items I make are still getting around ---

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"Your coin placed at Stonewall Jackson's
 grave in Stonewall Jackson Cemetery,  Lexington VA today." 
(located on wrought iron fence)

I'm still placing rocks out several times a week !
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I never know what folks will do with them.

I'm still counter striking pennies !

Sometimes I combine the two !
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More folks are stamping pennies since I posted the location of a distributor.
I got this pic from Jack !
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Good Work Sir, !

And two pics from Charley.

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So watch your change folks, ya never know.

And this goes out to all !
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Friday, November 30, 2018

Get your Penny stamp !

Every time I post a picture of a stamped penny I get hundreds of likes and many requests for pennies and questions about where to buy a stamp.
The original supplier has been out of stock for years.
But someone located a new supplier, to contact them  click Here !

No automatic alt text available.

I've just ordered a back up stamp in case mine wears out !

Good Luck Folks !

Dave Tatum


Since I made this post yesterday the Ad for the stamp has been removed.

I did order one and got shipping confirmation !

I don't know what to tell ya folks.

I'll keep you posted !


I got several messages on Face Book from people who successfully ordered the stamps.

I guess the supplier is out of stock !