Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Half Time Shows and such --

It seems the Half Time Show by BeyoncĂ©
 has caused a bit of an uproar on Social Media and other places.

I defend her 1st Amendment right to do so,
 it was a brilliant move on her part to get her message out !

You would be hard pressed to get a larger free audience. 
And unlike Janet Jackson's "Wardrobe Malfunction",
 many many people had to be aware of the content and message that the show was going to present.
Apparently the executives with the NFL and CBS didn't see it as a racist presentation they had to know beforehand what the Half Time show was about.

But "what if " - "THIS"- had been the message -- 

A pro Confederate performance by Anyone !

You can bet your Bippy there would have been an outcry of rage.

Al, Jesse, Nikki, and a host of others would have lead the charge and cried -
"The Sky is Falling" !!!

But the Executives at CBS and the NFL would NEVER have allowed
 a Pro Confederate presentation to begin with.

There is no 1st amendment when it comes to things Confederate !

And that's my two cents worth.

( Congratulations to Peyton on his 2nd Super Bowl Ring )


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vandals topple 103-year-old Lincoln statue in Burlington

It's a sickness that knows no boundaries. 

A statue of Abraham Lincoln that has stood tall in Burlington for more than 100 years was knocked to the ground early Saturday, apparently by vandals.

Don Vande Sand, vice president of the Burlington Historical Society, said police got a call shortly after 6 a.m. and have identified a suspect.

A dispatcher for the Burlington police said a statement about the case would be released later Saturday. Chief Mark Anderson was not available.

Vande Sand said the 8-foot-tall bronze statue does not appear to be damaged, save for some scrape marks around the head. He said the scene does not suggest that someone rammed the stone pedestal with a car or truck, and that it was unclear just how the statue was toppled.

Vande Sand said the statue, created by Chicago sculptor George Ganiere, was a gift in 1912 from dentist Francis Meinhardt to mark the reopening of a town school as the Lincoln School.

The site is now the office of the Burlington Area School District, but Vande Sand said the statue, located on a small triangle of land at an intersection of State and Kane streets, belongs to the city.

He said he had not heard Saturday of any plans or timeline for returning Lincoln to his proper place.

The city celebrated a re-dedication of the statue in May 2014.

By Bruce Vielmetti of the Journal Sentinel
Updated Jan. 30, 2016


I'm no fan of Lincoln, but I hope the perpetrators are caught and punished !



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lawn Jockey's

I found this information on Face Book.


A lot of people don't know the real meaning behind these statues, so they vandalize them, bitch about them being racist, etc.

 During the US slave era, the image of a black 'footman' with a lantern signified the home was a stop on the Underground Railroad. These are largely a northern thing, and weren't commonly found in the South until after WWII when northerners moved there and brought this custom with them.

 The clothing of the statue was also coded. A striped jockey's shirt meant that this was a place to swap horses, while a footman in a tailed coat meant overnight lodgings/food, and a blue sailor's waistcoat meant the homeowner could take you to a port and get you on a ship to Canada.

 I always laugh when I hear folks talk about how racist these are, because honestly, the cats who had them were likely the LEAST racist. Later, these came back into popularity after WWII, and they were again coded to show the white homeowners supported early civil rights efforts.

I did some digging and found this also --

 "It is said that the 'lawn jockey' actually has its roots in the tale of one Jocko Graves, an African-American youth who served with General George Washington at the time that he crossed the Delaware to carry out his surprise attack on British forces at Trenton, NJ. The General thought him too young to take along on such a dangerous attack, so left him on the Pennsylvania side to tend to the horses and to keep a light on the bank for their return. So the story goes, the boy, faithful to his post and his orders, froze to death on the river bank during the night, the lantern still in his hand. The General was so much moved by the boy's devotion to his duty that he had a statue sculpted and cast of him, holding the lantern, and had it installed at his Mount Vernon estate. He called the sculpture 'The Faithful Groomsman'." The most frequently-cited source for the story is Kenneth W. Goings in "Mammy and Uncle Mose" (Indiana University Press), though he regards it as apocryphal. The story was told as well in a 32 page children's book by Earl Kroger Sr., "Jocko: A Legend of the American Revolution." 
text from =



Meet George, I rescued him from a landfill about 15 years ago.
He needs a little TLC,
but I think I got him covered.

After he's Fixed up I will post a picture !

Suppositions and Twisted Logic ---

On of the things that kills me about the Floggers is their Twisted logic that only goes one way !

Take this picture ---- With text from Simpsons Blog

"Left to right: Billy Bearden, Karen Cooper, Tripp Lewis, Susan Hathaway, Matthew Heimbach. Birds of a feather, flagging together."

Yep the old "BIRDS OF A FEATHER" argument !

Let's say for a moment that the supposition is true,
so by following that logic what about these pictures?

Rosalyn Carter and John Gacy.

Is Mrs. Carter a wack job who dresses up like a clown and murders young boys ?
( or at least approves of the practice)
If you follow Simpsons logic YES !

How about these two ---

British Prime Minister  Chamberlain 
 walks past a Nazi honor guard on the way to a meeting with Adolf Hitler

Bosom Buddies for sure !
Smiling and shaking hands, it's what Best Friends do ! 
What could go wrong ?

Twisting a photo op into a nonexistent alliance is what the Floggers are doing,
And continue to do using flawed logic and implied suppositions. 

I did the same thing with my last Blog Post ( sort of )

Plagiarism at ASU.

I posted it to show how false connections, using the "Birds of a Feather*" logic
or a Photo op can be made.

* Simpson and Whitaker were teaching history at the same place so they are the same.

God Bless the Flaggers.
I'm proud to be one !

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Plagiarism at Arizona State University !

Matthew Whitaker
Former professor at Arizona State University

Plagiarized Wikipedia for his book /

“Peace Be Still: Modern Black America from World War II to Barack Obama.”

These actions which would have caused the suspension or expulsion of a student.
Had that student done the same thing.

His plagiarism 
Resulted with ASU  demoting him to associate professor and putting him on leave.

This will result in his salary being cut from a lush $163,500 to a paltry $153,500. 

 During this time he will have no authority, no office, and  no responsibilities.

Whitaker blames his situation on Racist Academics.


We all know how Brooks Simpson loves to lump people together 

With his Birds of a Feather Logic,

( anyone waving a Battle Flag is in the same boat )

JUST SAYING -------- ?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Flaggers out maneuver W&L !

THIS in From The VA FLAGGERS  ----

Many of you may recall that last year, security guards at Washington & Lee University refused to allow our folks to walk up Letcher Avenue after the parade through town when we attempted to pay our respects to General Jackson at VMI.
Details here:…/va-flaggers-lee-jackson-we…
It seems that W&L officials are determined to make sure that the demands of the six agitators are met, and are going to great lengths to ensure that W&L students will not be exposed to a battle flag as it is carried up the public sidewalk on Letcher Avenue, which apparently would cause great distress and damage to their delicate psyches.
After the incident last year, we began an investigation and received information that Letcher Avenue is, in fact, a public road, NOT privately owned by the University. We received information from VDOT in April of 2015, that confirmed that Letcher Avenue is in no way subject to the dominion or control of Washington & Lee University. In addition, a City of Lexington Police Dispatcher confirmed that the restriction by W&L's security force to prevent public use of Letcher Avenue is illegal. She advised that if they should attempt to prevent any of us from walking on EITHER sidewalk along Letcher Avenue that we immediately call the Lexington Police.
With this in mind, knowing they had denied the SCV access to the LEE Chapel for their annual Robert E Lee Memorial service, and having received word that W&L had security personnel positioned at Letcher Avenue on Lee-Jackson Day, we called the Lexington Police ahead of our arrival, and asked them to meet us at W&L to make sure we were allowed access.
At 2:00, several dozen Flaggers had gathered, and W&L security would not allow access to the sidewalk to anyone carrying a Confederate flag.
Representative from Lexington's Police Department and Sheriffs office arrived shortly after we called them. Acting as spokesman for the Flaggers, I first spoke to a female Sergent. I told her that we had talked to Lexington dispatch, consulted with attorneys, and received information from VDOT, ALL of which confirmed that Letcher Ave. is a public street and not under the domain of W&L, and I handed her the email correspondence to prove it. She was understanding, assured me she would get some answers, and placed a call to the Chief of Police. I was asked to speak to him. I informed him of the same thing that I had just told the Sargent about the legalities of the situation at hand.
At that time a Dean at W&L called the Sheriff and he asked me if he could call me back after he tried to resolve the issue with her. I agreed and walked over to the group of Flaggers, which was growing larger by the minute, to update them on the situation.
I was quickly summoned back up the hill by the Sergent to talk to the chief of police again. He said that W&L remained insistent that law enforcement intervene if we try to walk up Letcher Ave. He asked if our folks would consider walking down the sidewalk of N Jefferson instead, and offered to instruct his officers to escort us up the steep VMI entrance and then offered to help us get this straight for next year.
I told him today was not the day that any of our folks were ready to compromise.
He then informed me that he was instructing his officers NOT to impede the Flaggers if they walk up Letcher Avenue to VMI, but warned that W&L officials could try to obtain names and information of those who did so and go down to the courthouse and swear out a trespassing warrant on those individuals.
I thanked him and told him that we would contact him soon to "put this situation to rest once and for all".
By this time, our numbers had grown, as word spread across Lexington of what was happening at W&L. As I met with our group again, to let them know the situation and decide what our next move would be, one woman took it in her own hands to do what needed to be done, grabbed her flag, and started up the hill, marching right past the security detail.
Defiantly, bravely, and determined to honor General Jackson, she proceeded up the hill without interference. One by one, others joined her, and soon a steady stream was walking up the hill, much to the consternation of the W&L security personnel.
Simultaneously, a group of Flaggers who had been positioned on Jefferson Ave, took the right flank, and were escorted by Lexington police down Jefferson Ave. The officer then stopped traffic to allow them to cross the street and enter by way of the VMI entrance.
We believe General Jackson would be proud of our flanking maneuvers!
W&L security personnel were visibly angry, and frustrated that we had outmaneuvered and outflanked them. Flaggers who walked up the hill called it one of the most satisfying moments of the weekend as they walked right past those who less than an hour before had denied them access.
Once on the parade grounds, we were free to pay our respects to the General, and has become our custom, we unfurled a 10x15 flag that were going to raise on the Jackson Farm Flag site later that afternoon, and posed for a photo.
There were absolutely no attempts by anyone at VMI to impede our commemoration. In fact, communications with VMI officials were cordial and professional. As we turned to sing "Dixie's Land", Cadets were seen opening windows and shouting down approval at the sight of General Jackson on the grounds of VMI once again.
Spirits soared among those who gathered at the end of the triumphant march, led by one woman, who, if you ask her why she did it, will answer. "I just got GOOD AND MAD at what those people are doing...and wasn't going to take it anymore!".
We would like to take this moment to reiterate that, as has been our experience in Lexington each time we visit, law enforcement personnel from both the Lexington Police and Sheriff's Departments treated us with the utmost respect and courtesy, not only in this situation, but throughout our entire stay. We have nothing but praise for their professionalism and sincere efforts to provide for our protection and safety.
Officials at Washington and LEE University tried to stop us from walking past their campus on our way to pay our respects to General Jackson.
They failed.
When you've got 75-100 people out there...things go your is called an army.
TriPp Lewis
Virginia Flaggers

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Portsmouth's Mayor Ignores the law.

The circus in P-Town continues ---

Ya'll Remember this CLOWN ?

The Honorable (?) Kenneth I. Wright

He's the Mayor of Portsmouth VA who is leading the movement to remove the
 Confederate Monument

Well last night after the city council meeting ---
 where he led the successful effort to fine Councilman Bill Moody for being 
Transparent about the effort to remove the monument

William E. "Bill" Moody, Jr., Councilman

“You’re not gonna muzzle me, I was elected by the people and I will keep the people informed,”

(Story HERE !! )

--- Portsmouth's Sheriff , 
Bill Watson

Noticed that Mayor Wright had an Expired inspection sticker on his car.

Sheriff Watson stopped the Mayor who brushed off the Sheriff and drove away !

The local TV station has the Video  HERE !

Just who does this Indignant Buffoon think he is ???

Does he think he is above the law ??

It's time for the citizens of Portsmouth VA to RECALL this Idiot !


Local TV stations report that Felony Charges are pending against Mayor Wright
for Felony Eluding ! 

( I guess we will see the Race card being thrown now ! )