Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Nailing Jell-O to the Wall.

What's it like trying to get a DIRECT answer from Kevin Levin ?

This picture says it all !

Trying to get a Direct answer from him is kinda like nailing Jello to a wall.
Unless it's an anti-Confederate statement.

Then it's like placing concrete.

I visited his blog the other day,
And true to form his spotlight on slavery was as bright as ever !

Typical Levin, nothing new there.

 In the comments section Kevin said ---

"Ending slavery was certainly not the primary goal of the United States from the beginning to the end. The goal was preserving the Union. Slavery became a way to do that by 1863. The goal of the Confederacy from beginning to end was the preservation of slavery and white supremacy."

So that statement prompted me to ask a question --

"Wouldn’t that imply that the North was fighting for a Union 
that included the preservation of slavery ?"

Well Jell-O Man did reply but indirectly, and of course had to spin his reply --

"If the war had ended before the end of 1863 it is likely that the United States would have continued as a slaveholding nation. Of course, the war continued and slavery ended with it. That is something that all of us can celebrate. If the Confederacy had proved victorious the enslavement of roughly 4 million people would have continued. We can all be thankful that it failed."

Like I said getting Levin to admit that the North was  fighting for a Union that included
The Preservation of Slavery, is like nailing Jell-O to a wall !


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lee - Jackson day 2017

I was sent a few pictures of the on goings in Lexington VA.

One of them made  me a tad "Warm and Fuzzy"

This picture shows an M-10, one of the coins I make, placed to thank and honor Stonewall Jackson.

This is an M-10

I've made over 1000 M-10 coins and they are on the graves of Confederate Soldiers
from VA Beach. VA to California.

I want to thank the people who use the coins'
weather it's an M-10  a Remember coin
or a Crossed Flag marker

( The original REMEMBER Coin )

I am honored that folks use them to honor our Confederate heroes !

Doesn't matter if it's a Private or a General, they all deserve recognition.

Again Thanks folks for using the coins I make.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dylan Roof my Solution

Well he's been found guilty, as if there were any doubt.
But everyone is entitled to a fair trial that's the American way.

I say hang him !
Not a drop and neck break hanging (too fast)
But a kick the stool out from under him and let him dance.
I'll kick the stool !

Nine innocent lives were lost due to this Sick Bastard.
(I know I've said that there is no place for profanity but I'm making an exception)

Not only were nine lives lost, but the families of the nine were devastated,
 and the community and nation were appalled.

This is the first time I've mentioned this but -
A few days following the murders I sent a set of ribbons to the Church.
In a plain envelope with no return address.
I had to do something !

Now then ---
A secondary result of his actions was the backlash over the Confederate Battle Flag.
Due to pictures like this --
Another example of the Battle Flag being abused.

I have no control over what flag people choose to use for any given reason. 

Nor can I control the media's spin on the Battle Flag.

But what I can control is my use of the Flag.

I have always displayed it to Honor the Southerners who
 Defended their homes from an invading army.

Nothing will change in my determination to Honor the 
Confederate Solider.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year & Black Eyed Peas .

It's a tradition at my house.
Black Eyed Peas on New Years Day.

The Story Goes --

The story of THE BLACK EYED PEA being considered good luck relates directly back to Sherman's Bloody March to the Sea in late 1864. It was called The Savannah Campaign and was lead by Major General William T. Sherman. The Civil War campaign began on 11/15/64 when Sherman 's troops marched from the captured city of Atlanta, Georgia, and ended at the port of Savannah on 12/22/1864.

When the smoke cleared, the southerners who had survived the onslaught came out of hiding. They found that the blue belly aggressors that had looted and stolen everything of value and everything you could eat including all livestock, death and destruction were everywhere. While in hiding, few had enough to eat, and starvation was now upon the survivors.

 The Northern army had taken everything they could carry and eaten everything they could eat. But they couldn’t take it all. The devastated people of the south found for some unknown reason that Sherman ’s bloodthirsty troops had left silos full of black eyed peas.

At the time in the north, the lowly black eyed pea was only used to feed stock. The northern troops saw it as the thing of least value. Taking grain for their horses and livestock and other crops to feed themselves, they just couldn’t take everything. So they left the black eyed peas in great quantities assuming it would be of no use to the survivors, since all the livestock it could feed had either been taken or eaten.

Southerners awoke to face a new year in this devastation and were facing massive starvation if not for the good luck of having the black eyed peas to eat. From New Years Day 1866 forward, the tradition grew to eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck."

Source of story = http://www.americancivilwarforum.com/history-of-the-black-eyed-pea-tradition-144096.html

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hard to find, but still out there !

I stumbled across this at a local store today !

The Infamous " Black Confederate Figure"

I remember Kevin Levin doing a Hatchet Job on this item.
Click here or HERE to see it.
And not long after The Museum of The Confederacy as well as Treadegar pulled it off the shelves.

But just like the Pesky Black Confederates' who served during the war,
They Keep popping up !

Have A DIXIE DAY Y'all!


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Once upon a time !

I do a lot of posting on Face Book.

One thing is certain, 
 Ya Never Know Which Post are Gonna Catch Fire --

I made a post Today and got a lot of folks liking it --




And that was it !

No need to mention the fact that the P.C. crowd would go nuts
 if a similar item were to be offered today !

And that's kinda sad !

HASBRO issued the item in 2000,
A 12" figure.
Johnny is very detailed and has a large number of nicely detailed parts.
The uniform is the shell jacket in Butternut, blue pants, socks, boots, shirt, suspenders and forage cap.
Johnny has a a British Enfield rifled musket. He also has a union equipment belt with the US up side down, bayonet with scabbard (the bayonet fits on the Enfield), canteen,cartridge box, and haversack.  
Johnny also has a Battle flag.

A nicely done historical piece, the upside down buckle shows
 that a bit of research was done in his manufacturing.

As I said,
It's a shame the P.C. crowd / snowflakes, would have such a huge problem with
something that has Historical Accuracy.


I don't usually post comments from Corey Meyer, but in the spirit of Christmas --
I'll post this one ----

"C'mon David, show us the Barbie section of your doll collection." 

Sorry Corey, no Barbies, the closest thing I have is  ---

But if I had a Barbie it would be this one --

N.A.S.C.A.R. Barbie.

Remember Corey, Santa is watching you --

Merry Christmas !

It's back to the Phantom Zone -- Say Hello to Gen. Zod !