Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Most Viewed in 2014.

I checked my Stat Counter, and came up with the most viewed post at Atrueconfederate for 2014.

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The top 3

That is no surprise, I'm glad folks want to know.


Once again I'm happy folks are looking for the truth


This not only tops 2014 but is the all time leader at this Blog !

Thanks to all who came by--

Monday, December 15, 2014

"Teach Your Children Well"

Mall Cop Tasers Angry Mother !

Unlike the Hollywood version that the Floggers seem to accept -

This is the reality of being a mall cop

The saddest part of the whole incident was expressed by one of my F/B Friends -

"how sad these women (and men) are teaching that being aggressive and hateful is OK, to their children. It's the little one's chiming in that really breaks my heart."

Teach Your Children Well.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mall Cop ??? I Wish !!!

Seems ol Babblin Brooks got his knickers in a knot.

I care ! Really I do !

But Brooks I gotta set ya straight on somethin, OK ?

You said - "So I’m right up there with Lincoln, eh?"

That's a misconception on your part, It really is,

You're right down there with Lincoln !

There is a difference !

Now then you also said - " That’s what you get from a mall cop “security guard.” 

 I've Never worked a day in the mall Bubba, Not One !

Right now I'm doing Section 8 Housing security, you know-the place Domino's won't deliver to !

The place where used syringes outnumber the blades of grass.

And it's impossible to sneak up on someone because
 you're always crunching broken glass when you walk !

I'm sure you've seen it on TV. Cause you sure ain't gonna go there..

Now then any time you wanna take a shift with me, come on I can make it happen.

Then when we see that 280 pound guy who is loitering on the corner, selling dope,
You can tell him he has to leave. Then we would see how good your "Tenure" protects you.

Even if I was a "Mall Cop" I'd have a job and be earning an honest living.

Now then -- Clark B. Hall 
There is a legal distinction to be drawn between a crude attempt at ridicule (top image) and a related depiction conveying a physical threat (“laser blast”)

You've fallen for an ol Simpson trick,
Not posting the whole story.

In Brook's case he was hit with a
"Molecular Scrambler"
You can see the post HERE.
Get all the facts before you comment. Of course Brooks giving all the facts is a stretch.
He's only gonna show ya what he wants you to see.

As for Grapeshot and Flag burners !

Yep a bit harsh, but my Dad taught me respect for the American Flag.
So when I see a bunch of lawless thugs, rioting, looting and then burning the Stars and Stripes,
It kinda makes me angry,  I guess you're OK with it Brooks ?

I'm not, I find it appalling. 

This is my Fireplace Mantle.
The Flag that covered Dad's coffin, and his Dog Tags.

Let me tell you a little story about this guy --

I guess I was about 12, my Dad and I were in the old station wagon,
All of a sudden Dad turned the car around and whipped into KFC.
"Hot Dog I thought LUNCH."
Nope, it turns out the KFC flag was flying higher than the American Flag.
Dad went in and found the manager, the manager told Dad he would fix it after the lunch rush.
Nope, that didn't happen. Dad said we are going to fix it now. And they did.
That incident has stuck with me my whole life.

Have you got a clue now ?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's about Honor !

I received this from Susan Hathaway ------

Several months ago, someone stopped by the Chester I-95 Memorial Battle flag site,  and asked if we would be interested in a big flag that she had received but could not use. Of course, we replied YES! When we received the flag, we were a bit surprised to find that it was a very large, like new, U.S. Flag.

We reached out to the folks at the Virginia War Memorial and found out that it was the right size for the flag that is flown in their outdoor display.  We contacted them about making a donation of the flag in memory of Sgt. Cliff Troutman, and in honor of the Veterans in our organization.  They  accepted our offer and agreed to open the facility to us on Tuesday evening, December 9th for the presentation.

We had the flag cleaned, courtesy of Hawthorne Cleaners in Highland Springs,  and grommets added, courtesy of Festival Flags in Richmond and arrived a little early tonight to take some photos in the shrine area.  For those of you who have never been, the Va War Memorial is a beautiful memorial, with the names of Virginia's war dead etched in glass or stone in the shrine, and an educational annex with exhibits, auditoriums, and meeting spaces.


The Va Flaggers were honored to be present, on what we consider hallowed ground for this ceremony.  As an organization whose main purpose is to honor Virginia's war dead, we feel a deep and profound connection with the Va War Memorial, and their mission to ensure that ALL of the men and women of the Commonwealth who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom, will never be forgotten.

The flag, along with a donation, were given in honor of our veterans and in memory of Sgt. Cliff Troutman, USMC, Vietnam Vet, and Virginia Flagger.

Sgt. Troutman was, and still is, an inspiration to all who knew and loved him.  His devotion to God, Country, and the memory of his Confederate ancestors was an example to all, and his fierce determination to recognize and care for all of Virginia's veterans, living and dead, was unmatched.

While the Va Flaggers are dedicated to honoring the memory of Virginia's Confederate dead, we are proud to have, in our ranks, Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  The were recognized as follows:

Jon C. Hatfield, Executive Director, Virginia War Memorial

Jim Tingle, Sergeant, US Marine Corps Vietnam War Veteran
Karen Cooper, US Army
Jimmy Creech, US Army
Thomas A. Morris, Sr. US Navy, Operation Nimbus Star/Nimbus Moon Veteran
Jerry Howard, US Marine Corps
Marvin Stalnaker, Sergeant, Virginia Army National Guard
Hubert W. Cash, Petty Officer, US Navy, Sergeant, Virginia Army National Guard
*Lt. Col (Ret.) Al Bruner, US Air Force, Panama, Gulf 1, Serbia, Somalia, 9-11, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Nobel Eagle, Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran
*H.V. Traywick, Jr., Captain, US Army, Vietnam War Veteran
*Not pictured

In honor of these, our Veterans, and in memory of Sgt. Troutman, we presented the flag to be flown on the site, and a donation to be used to continue the good and excellent work of the Virginia War Memorial Educational Foundation.

The Va Flaggers would like to offer our sincere thanks to Mr. Hatfield and Mr. Jeb Hockman, Director of Marketing and Communications, Virginia War Memorial Educational Foundation, for welcoming us to the site and working with us to arrange the ceremony.

God bless ALL our Veterans...and God Save the South!
Susan Hathaway

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Same Flag III

Over at My Civil War Memory

Kevin Levin ---

--- spins out another of his anti southern pieces.

using these two pictures,

Atta boy Kevin, Call em like "You See Em"

I see things differently, despite what you or the other floggers say.

Allow me to show you "THE SAME FLAG"

I could go on and on, but I feel I've made my point !

So Does this happen ?

Sure it does !

But so does this ----

To sum it up,
  It's not the Flag, but the heart of the one who holds it !

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Same Flag II--

AHHHHH yes, Kevin Levin the "SPIN MASTER"
Makes a post -Same Flag

Typical Levin !

Sooo I'm gonna do a Typical Tatum,


Part II

Sacramento !

Ferguson !

It seems none of the floggers are upset by the images !
( Go Figure)

But it rubs me the wrong way !

My Dad taught me RESPECT for Old Glory.

Guess what is on the Mantle of my home ?
Dad's Dog Tags, and the flag that covered his coffin !

Dad was in WWII and Korea !

So I'm offended by the Ferguson mob burning the flag !

The KKK using the American flag also offends me.

I have a simple solution for the Flag Abusers --

Use Grapeshot,Then let God sort em out !

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Two Thumbs Up !

I'm not a movie critic, and usually I wait for them to come out on Red Box.
But I purchased this one and was glad I did so.
If you're from the South you should get a lump in your throat, and a tear in your eye.
I know there is a lot of Hollywood involved, and I can't vouch for the historical accuracy,
and I'm sure some folks will find a zillion farbs in it.
But I loved it !