Tuesday, August 23, 2016


A few days ago I went to Blanford Cemetery in Petersburg.

On the way I passed this Church.

It's 20 minutes from my house !

This Church is Beautiful !

I then remembered attending a dedication ceremony a few years back.

So today I stopped by to do what I enjoy doing --
Thanking Confederate Veterans !

It's a peaceful place,well kept!

James Richard Holland                           
9th Virginia Infantry, Company F, Private
Holland was born October 14, 1836, the son of John and ----
Turner Holland. His first wife was Pennie Matthews, his second
was Martha Cofer, and his third wife was Sarah Ann Dixon
(1847-1942), daughter of George and Nancy Matthews Dixon. Holland
died August 8, 1918 .

James Thomas Crocker                           
9th Virginia Infantry, Company F
Crocker was the son of Joseph and Nancy Crocker. He had a dark
complexion, dark hair, dark eyes and was 5'7" tall. He married
Roxanna Turner Matthews, a widow. Crocker died in 1913

( No additional information found )

Joseah H. Underwood                            
13th Virginia Cavalry, Company C & K, Private
Underwood was born April 23, 1825. He married Mary Jane Pierce
(1838-1914). He enlisted in August 1862 and served three years.
Underwood died July 9, 1906 

John Bridger Newman                            
9th Virginia Infantry, Company D, Private
Newman was born October 14, 1821, the son of Thomas and Martha
Matthews Newman. He had a business in Portsmouth. His first wife
was Civilla Ann Gayle, daughter of Alexander and Margaret Gayle.
His second wife was Hannah Urquhart (1835-1926), daughter of John
and Hannah Shivers Urquhart. Newman was 5'8" tall, grey eyes, and
had a light complexion. He was discharged August 11, 1862 under
the Conscript Act (too old). After the war, he was a farmer in
Isle of Wight and Nansemond County. 

( No additional information found )

( No additional information found )

I left all the men I found a Remembrance coin to thank them for their service.

I looked for additional information and posted all I could find.

I'm sure I missed one or two but I looked as hard as I could.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

A visit to Blanford Cemetery, Petersburg VA.

I started off with a bunch of Remembrance Coins !

I guess it was about 60 all together.

Drove up to Blanford Cemetery in Petersburg VA.

I've had a number of folks ask me how I apply them ---

Pic #1 shows what I"m using today, it's a waterproofing material used in concrete work, it stays sticky but can easily be removed without damage to whatever you stick it to.


Pic #2 shows a small dab on the back of a coin.

When I got to Blanford Cemetery I just got out and walked towards the Flags !

I'll post a few of the pictures here --

I put out 47 Coins Today.
There are 30.000 Confederate Soldiers at Blanford.

I'm just staying positive and doing what I can to thank our Confederate Soldiers.

To see all of today's Pictures click Here !

May God Bless All of our Confederate Soldiers !

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Check has been Cashed !

Well it seems that Goad (The Toad) Gatsby let his mouth write a check.
I posted about it HERE
Now a Judge in Richmond VA has made him pay up.

On Friday Aug 19 2016 Goad was found guilty of misdemeanor charges in a Richmond courtroom.

The charges were filed after this incident- WARNING BAD LANGUAGE
( click HERE )

All children were ordered out of the court room after initial testimony.

Goad's lawyer unsuccessfully tried to have the charges dismissed.
Babbling some kind of  since no one acted on the rant defense !

The Judge disagreed and found him GUILTY !

Goad was ordered to pay a small fine. The Judge also told Goad to -
 "Clean up your language, young man"

More legal action shall follow. (Civil)

When I first posted about this case I got a comment from a Flogger in GA.
(I did not post it)
The Flogger told me that Profanity was protected by the First Amendment.

Well that strikes one lawyer wanna be off my hiring list !

Comments from Anonymous or the folks in my Blogs "Phantom Zone"
will not get posted ! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Battery Flag and What Became of It / 1st Co Richmond Howitzers

The following was printed in The Times Dispatch, 24 September, pg. 2C, col. 7.

"Editor Times-Dispatch: 
Sir--The following personal letter was not written for publication, but I am sure will be of interest to all Howitzers, especially the account of the company's flag. I therefore take the liberty of asking space for it in the Confederate column."

  John W. Todd***
, Staunton, 1905.
"Thompson X Roads, Louisa,, Va.

Mr. Jno. W. Todd--I have just read your account of the last fight of our company. . ."

"By the way as you still keep an interest in the old days, it may interest you to know what became of the battery flag. General McClawes gave the battery a flag after Sharpsburg. As a battery had no use for a flag (the gun being the cannoniers rallying point), our flag was always carried folded up the the limber chest of the first piece. After we had spiked and buried our guns, I took the flag out of the limber chest and, with **Peter Williams, went into the bushes where I cut two holes in it for my arms and put it on under my shirt. I wore it until we got back from North Carolina in Halifax county. Then, everything having been lost, and not thinking there was any future, I took it off and we cut it up and threw the pieces in a creek. What would we not give to have it now?"-- W. Kean*



John Wesley Todd: b. Richmond 2/26/46 Enl. By June 1864, Pvt 1st Co. Wded June 1864, returned to duty 7/25/64 with others. He left 4/9/65 with the intention of joining Johnston’s army in N.C. Paroled at Greensboro, NC 5/3/65 Postwar res Staunton. Prominent in business and civic affairs. Mbr House of Delegates, Mbr Stonewall Camp C. V. Died 8/7/1915 Bur Thomrose Cem.

( A sad end to a Glorious Banner DT. )

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Continuing to Honor !

The small "coins" I make are continuing to get around !

 All are placed with love--

Some names are well known !

Many are not !

Thanks to all who use the coins.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Remember When ?

Remember when the First Flag went up in Chester ?

I made a video of the flag going up = Here

The floggers all said it couldn't be seen 

Levin's Post = Here

Simpson's Post ( one of many) = HERE

And in all truth it was a bit tough to see -
Virginia Flaggers

but after some site work it got better !



From highway 29 right after the raising


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Don't do the crime -----

Well well 13 protesters in Richmond VA got locked up for blocking traffic on I-95


Those arrested are:
Anthony D. Beck, 24, of Weed, Calif.;
Nina B. Cohen, 49, of State College, Pa.;
Donna L. Gasapo, 42, of Charlottesville;
Angelica S. Demarco Jaffe, 23, of Brooklyn, N.Y.;
Julia Griffin, 21, of Sparks Glencoe, Md.;
Katherine M. Martin, 30, of Alpharetta, Ga.;
Sapphyre K. Miria, 37, of the town of Buchanan;
Luis A. Oyola, 26, of Charlottesville;
Frances Richards, 61, of Charlottesville;
Brandon J. Taylor, 21, of Hampton, N.J.;
Evan S. Viglietta, 39, of Charlottesville;
Ryan L. Whitcomb, 27, of Charlottesville; and
Whitney Renee Whiting, 32, of Richmond.

Well they took a "CHANCE" and ---

And guess what,-- someone is Boo Hooing and wanting help $

Excuse the language, but consider the source !

9 HOURS !!!!
NO FOOD ?????
ONLY $744 ???

All I can say is  ---

Robert Blake Baretta 1977.JPG
"Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time ! "