Friday, November 30, 2018

Get your Penny stamp !

Every time I post a picture of a stamped penny I get hundreds of likes and many requests for pennies and questions about where to buy a stamp.
The original supplier has been out of stock for years.
But someone located a new supplier, to contact them  click Here !

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I've just ordered a back up stamp in case mine wears out !

Good Luck Folks !

Dave Tatum


Since I made this post yesterday the Ad for the stamp has been removed.

I did order one and got shipping confirmation !

I don't know what to tell ya folks.

I'll keep you posted !


I got several messages on Face Book from people who successfully ordered the stamps.

I guess the supplier is out of stock !


Sunday, November 18, 2018

Pennies !

Over time I've found out that stamping pennies with the CBF gets one of two reactions.

People love it or hate it !

People that love it often ask for one and I'll send them one.

People that hate it accuse me of criminal activity !

One hater / Valentine Leiker / went off on me on Face Book -

David Tatum; Run away, run away. It is against the law to deface United States coins, section 331 of title 18. There are criminal penalties.

Well he edited his comment, it actually reads --

Section 331 of Title 18 of the United States code provides criminal penalties for anyone who ‘fraudulently alters, defaces, mutilates impairs, diminishes, falsifies, scales, or lightens any of the coins coined at the Mints of the United States.

 This statute means that you may be violating the law if you change the appearance of the coin and fraudulently represent it to be other than the altered coin that it is. As a matter of policy, the U.S. Mint does not promote coloring, plating or altering U.S. coinage: however, there are no sanctions against such activity absent fraudulent intent. (Source U.S. Mint)

( my source = )

And you can go to Disney World and do this --

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So Mr Valentine tough crunchies no fraudulent intent on my part.
( And Monica would like her Beret back !)

Moving right along ---

Ronnie Tatum is doing something with coins that is Fantastic --

Ronnie sent me one --

Thank you Ronnie, I don't wear jewelry but will put it in my coin display ! 

OK folks that's it Contact Ronnie and have him make you a ring !

Sunday, November 4, 2018

I got Busted !

Well at work the other day my company's VP showed up.

He was doing a security audit.

He checks documentation,  uniforms and a few other things.

I had a violation. The buttons on my windbreaker were not regulation !

I've had them on for 5 years or so and finally got busted !

He called me aside and asked me about the buttons.
 I told him I had two ancestors who were members of the Richmond Howitzers.

I was expecting a uniform violation write up !

He told me that his GG Grandfather also fought for Virginia and was killed in Pickett's charge.

Well the buttons are still on and I did not get a write up !

God Bless Dixie !

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rebel Rocks !

Image result for Confederates throwing stones pic

At second Manassas, during the crisis of the struggle for the famous railroad cut, Hill sent a staff officer to inquire of brave old Maxey Gregg how he was getting on. “Tell him,” said the old hero, “that our ammunition is exhausted, but rocks are very plentiful, and we will hold our position with them until we can get ammunition.” Sending his staff and couriers to fill their haversacks and pockets with cartridges and distribute them to the men, Hill himself galloped to the line and excited the wildest enthusiasm as his clarion voice rang out: “Good for you, boys! Give them the rocks and the bayonet, and hold your position and I will soon have ammunition and reinforcements for you."

Colonel LeRoy Stafford -- "They made repeated charges upon us while in this position, but were compelled to retire in confusion, sustaining heavy loss and gaining nothing. It was at this point that the ammunition of the brigade gave out. The men procured some from the dead bodies of their comrades, but the supply was not sufficient, and in the absence of ammunition the men fought with rocks and held their position. The enemy retreated. We pressed forward to the turnpike road, there halted, and encamped for the night."

General Bradley Johnson -- "The men fought until their ammunition was exhausted and then threw stones. Lieut. Lewis Randolph, of the battalion, killed one with a stone, and I saw him after the fight with his skull fractured. Dr. Richard P. Johnson, on my volunteer staff, having no arms of any kind, was obliged to have recourse to this means of offense from the beginning."

Federal General Fitz-John Porter -- "Many of the enemy, hard pressed, had not time to reload, and received us with stones, severely wounding many and killing some of our men."

( Text courtesy of Eddie Innman )

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Friday, September 21, 2018

" With a Little Help From My Friends "

The Remembrance coins I make are still spreading --

Father Abram Joseph Ryan "Poet Priest of the Confederacy". Memorial 
Elmwood Cemetery Norfolk VA.

Image may contain: plant, tree, grass, outdoor and nature
 Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, Elmwood Cemetery Norfolk VA

Image may contain: grass, flower, plant, tree and outdoor
 Oakland Cemetery Hampton VA

Thanks to Chris Tichacek for placing the coins and sending me the pictures.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Time Out !

I got an E-Mail the other day asking why I'd not been making post at this blog.

It's not that I don't care about Confederate honor.

But my focus has changed.

I'd rather read books to my Grandson's, build Lego houses and just spend time with my boys !

3 months ago my Blood Pressure was 192 / 124 so I'm having a time with this stop smoking effort.

I went to the cardiologist a week ago and my BP was 122 / 88 so it's working

My son recently had a heart attack and I'm worried for him.

I still care about our Confederate ancestors but right now I just want to concentrate on my family that's alive. 

I was Walking through the house and  my Grandson said " Paw Paw come play" 

It hit me like a brick ! 

Yep I think that's what I need to do !

So for now I'm changing course and concentrating on family things.

So I'm cutting back on Blogging and Facebook.

God Bless you all !



Wednesday, August 22, 2018

One at a time ---

The Silent Sam fiasco
A sad situation that should have been prevented !

Image result for Silent Sam pictures
Somebody had to have known something was afoot !
But no one acted to stop the unlawful act.

I can only do what I can do, and with the help of many others I continue to Honor
all who wore the Gray, ( One at a Time)

They are just small tokens left to thank and honor
Thanks to all who help me by placing the coins !
Thanks to Chris Tichacek for the Pictures from Hollywood.