Tuesday, October 8, 2013

House cleaning !


Notice anything missing ?

I cleaned house on 99% of the I-95 stuff, and all the other Who-ha.

so I hope ya saved what ya wanted !

I'm gonna try to get back to the original intent of the blog, which was to show the WBTS from the soldiers viewpoint.

Yea, I got caught up in a lot of time wasting arguments.

I'm waiting for my computer to come home, the hard drive died and I ain't sure how much if any thing will come back.

So I'm gonna focus on the Richmond Howitzers and other Confederate view points, from the man in the field
at the time it happened.

Sorry I got caught up in the dumb stuff,  I will try and do better.



  1. The Flagger stuff was/is far from trivial but I know what you mean about getting back to basics!

    1. Well the flag is up, and I am looking forward to the next one.