Monday, December 16, 2013

Twas a night before Christmas !

Twas a night before Christmas, and in cyber land,
No Floggers were blogging, and calling me "Klan"
It seems that ol Kevin was leaving HK. alone -
And Rob Baker from Georgia, was silent as stone.
While drinking my coffee, and taking a sip
I saw not one single word from the "LibertyLip"
And that guy named Al Mackey, as he seldom will do,
Had sealed his mouth shut, with fresh Crazy Glue !
Not one word from Corey, the habitual liar,
I guess he was warming his feet by the fire.
And it was quiet strange there was no Andy Hall
Had he slipped on the steps and taken a fall ?
And from Babblin Brooks Simpson, not one single word,
I thought to myself, it's nice but absurd---

No Mackey, No Sideshow, No Kevin or Andy
No Corey, or Simpson, I felt this was Dandy !

So I counted my blessings, and I turned off the light,
Merry Christmas to Y'all, & Y'all have a goodnight !


  1. Dav, you spend way too much time thinking about me.

    1. Rob you are one funny guy,
      I checked my IP tracker, you (using 3 different locations) have visited my blog over 900 times !
      How many times have I been to yours ?
      I think you got it backwards !

    2. Ever since Google closed down Google Reader, I've been using a RSS feeder that is software based. It slips my IP everytime it tracks a post, and then doubles up when I read the post. I hate it, I am switching to Feedly. Comments and such are a different matter.

      However, there is a difference between reading a blog, and writing numerous posts addressed to a person. Got three for you, what your count on me?

    3. Rob you said "Thinking" in your first post, then as is your style you change it up to something else.
      That's what makes it frustrating dealing with you, one minute we are talking about secession and a few post later it has changed to how many holes are in a Chia Pet.
      I agree there is a difference between reading and writing, but you said "THINKING", So I guess when you read my blog you don't think ?

      And still did not answer my question, How many times have I been to your blog ?

      As for how many times I mention you - why don't you read, think and count all at the same time,it seems to mean more to than it does to me.

      Now if you so desire I can send you back to the Phantom Zone !

  2. I guess I just don't think enough about you, to actually write about you.

    I have no clue how many times your have been to my blog. I've never tagged your IP. But I do know you've read it, because you've commented directly on the material.

  3. Well ya think enough about me to come by this blog "900" times !
    Seems you are a lot more interested in what I write than I am about what you write.

  4. Like I said Dav. The RSS reader is responsible for a lot of those.

    For instance,

    RSS hit this post, - 1
    I read it - 2
    I commented - 3 (Comment forums refresh to the same URL under the same Domain)
    I receive verification - new URL Under same Domain 4
    I check back to read your comments - 5

    Then I comment again. See how it adds up so quickly? That's why I don't really count how many times people visit or don't visit my page.

  5. Rob ! Breath in, Jumpin Jackrabbits "give it a rest" !
    You are sayin I think to much about you, and you keep coming back yappin.
    I don't give a hoot how you add it up, 900 is 900 !
    And you are the one who set your computer up to track me and what I post !
    If you have the tools, run my IP number, I don't think I have been to your blog more than Ten times.
    I track the IP of all the floggers and flaggers, It helps me know what people like !
    The post I have made that has gotten the most hits is - Eye Wittness to Picketts Charge, I got a lot of hits around the time of Gettysburg's Anniversary !
    My hit counter / IP tracker is a useful tool.