Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pro Southern Blogger my Ass !

Pro-southern blogger my Ass !

Recently Kevin Levin made the contemptible claim to be a pro southern blogger!
I have no idea who he is trying to hoodwink, but he damn sure ain’t fooling me, or any other reasonable individual who has a minimal education and the ability to read.

If you can read “See Spot, See Spot Run” and comprehend what it says you can see clear through Levin’s snake oil- “My version tells all”- adaptation of history.

With such blog post as / “Was Michael Jackson a Black Confederate” / ” I Think I’ve seen this painting before” / “Loyal Slaves Extra” / “ Show your Gay Confederate Pride” and his numerous attacks on Ann DeWitt, he has more than shown his true colors.

Not only has he attacked Ann, but he had the audacity to post the profile and personal information of a young lady from Richmond VA. “Susan Hathaway” as the subject of a blog post! Why? Because Susan had a different view of things, and was not afraid to post facts and opinions. The same as Ann Dewitt has done.

In the past few weeks I have seen 1 or 2 affirmative post regarding Confederate items at kevins’blog.

It’s thin Confederate icing on a large Yankee cake. No thanks I don’t want a slice!

A Tiger has stripes, and if you shave away all the fur from the Tiger you will find that his skin has stripes as well! There is no way to remove the stripes.

The same thing applies to Kevin Levin. Sure you can make a post or two as a smoke screen to say “Look at this, I am pro South”. But when you shave away the stripes the markings still remain, and just like the Tiger there is no way to expunge them.

Levin your “Trojan Horse” pro south hand-outs should be burned at the gate. You can’t carry the torch of Lincoln for all those years and then “snuff the flame out” in the face of loyal Southern men and women. Some of us may have been born at night, “But it won’t last night”

Kevin added to all your other dubious attributes you can now add, scammer. Your recent pro south post are nothing more than a scam. Their only purpose is to shave the stripes off the Tiger, and that won’t work!

I will be watching my E-Mails for a “Congratulations Notice” telling me that I have won $ in the Boston / Nigeria E-Mail lottery.

Printing of Paroles.

J.C. Tatums Original Parole!

J.C. gives a brief account of the parole printing.

It’s a small snippet of history.

It regards the printing of paroles at Appomattox on April 10th 1865 .

The last sentence says “The parole was printed in a wagon in the woods by order of Grant, who was nearby at the time” .

Nothing earth shattering, no profound revelation, just a tidbit of information I thought I would share!

But it also states – “This parole John C Tatum was very proud of as it proved he honorably served his country to the close of the war”!

The total number of paroles printed form thin press was 28.231. Documentation from *Historians says the printing of the paroles was done at the Clover Hill Tavern; perhaps the wagon was in the woods by the tavern. (* Bean Counters)

This last picture is from a web page, I lost the address, but don't wish to be accused of plagiarism.