Monday, September 29, 2014

The Long Haul !

Good Ol Brooks Simpson, in his never ending for battle for
"Truth, Justice, and the American Way"

Has Stated ---
This past weekend the Virginia Flaggers celebrated their third anniversary of existence. Let’s enumerate the organization’s accomplishments during that time … Three flags.

Brooks I hate to be the bearer of Bad News,
but its 

It's Four Flag's
( I guess ya don't teach math )

And it doesn't matter if it's a high visibility location, or a lone grave in the middle of nowhere,

It's all about honoring the Confederate Soldier.

Take a peek Brooks, what started off as one Brave Woman with a Battle Flag

 is now.

( and not all the Flaggers and supporters are in attendance )

There are now Many who have joined the cause, people who are no longer willing to accept the 
whitewashing of their Confederate heritage.

you also stated--
Elsewhere, however, the Flaggers have failed to achieve their goals.

Well Bubba, "Rome wasn't Built in a Day"
And seeing as how the PC crowd has had 150 + years to spin their version of history,
it's not surprising that Flagger progress is met with resistance at every turn.

However the Flaggers are in it for the long haul--


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yeeeesh, ya think they would learn.

Gen. Grant decided that Vicksburg could not be taken by frontal assault and decided to lay siege to the city. Methodically, his army constructed a line of works around Vicksburg cutting it off from supplies and contact with the outside world. On May 26, they began building thirteen approaches aimed at different points along the Confederate line. The objective was to dig a tunnel under the Confederate line and then destroy it with charges of black powder , allowing the Union forces to breach the defenses.
Around the end of June, Grant's forces, protected by artillery and sharpshooters, neared their objectives. Along the Jackson Road, a mine was detonated beneath the Third Louisiana Redan on June 25. Union forces charged into the crater attempting to break through the breach. After approximately 26 hours of grim hand-to-hand combat, the Federals were finally driven back and the breach sealed.
And they tried the same thing at Petersburg, that didn't work either !

Planting Pumpkins.

Sometimes ya gotta let a little steam off.

So yesterday I planted Pumpkin seeds.

You can see how I do it -

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Cottonclads Victory at Galveston.

I've read many accounts of the Battle of The Ironclad's.
The Monitor and the Virginia, it happened just a few miles from where I live.
I've even worked in Dry Dock 1 where the Virginia was built !

I ran across an interesting story the other day about The Cottonclads that took back Galveston.

Jan 1 1863, a small fleet of five Confederate cottonclads, steamed into Galveston harbor. They were John Magruder's. They were called cottonclads due to the bales of cotton stacked on the decks.

John Magruder

This fleet was determined to retake Galveston Harbor and end the Blockade.

Aboard the Westfield was William B Renshaw The Federal Fleet Commander.
The Westfield responding to the Confederate attack ran aground. When other Federal ships came to her aid, Confederate batteries from the opposite shore drove them away.

Renfield decided to destroy the Westfield, and succeeded in doing so. But he and several of his crew were killed in the explosion. ( Shoulda had a longer fuse )

Renfiel destroying the Westfield.

While this was going on the Confederate gunboat Bayou slugged it out with the Union Side-wheeler Harriet Lane. The Bayou blasted a hole in the Harriet Lanes wheelhouse before it's cannon blew apart.
 Then the Bayou rammed the Lane, Confederates swarmed the Lane and captured her.

The remaining Federal ships slipped off under a flag of truce.

A Happy New Year for Galveston !

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quips from The Phantom Zone !

One of the things I've done is create my own "Phantom Zone" !

It's a place I banish troublesome Trolls to.  The folks who comment and just want to argue !

My last two post seem to have awakened the " Phantom Zone Residents "

Corey Meyer is one of the inhabitants - using the fake name Ralph Steel he recently  sent me this Jewel --- ( in response to drunk Yankees )

"It is reported that the Confederate commander at the battle of Griswoldville in Georgia during Sherman's march to the Sea. I think it was more common than what you think. Both with Yanks and Rebs".

This poor fella can't even compose a coherent sentence. I feel sorry for his students.

One of his Co-inhabitants is Rob Baker. Rob is famous for using the "Tu Quoque"** argument.
so in response to drunk Yankee's I get ---- " You know Confederate's did that too right ?"

** Tu quoque (/tˈkwkw/;[1] Latin for "you, too" or "you, also") 

Thanks for the laughs fellas

Update !!

It seems more noise is escaping from the Phantom Zone.

Do you Boys want some Cheese to go with that Whine ?

Quit Trolling and I will quit Spanking you !

Friday, September 12, 2014

More Yankee Courage !

What is it with Yankee's and Booze ?
Grant gets his men drunk and sends em in to be slaughtered ! Cold Harbor & Spotsylvania.

 Later at The battle of the Crater, General James Ledlie and General Edward Ferrero get drunk in a Boom-proof While sending USCT and others in to be massacred.
The cartoon above is a lampoon of Ferrero from northern newspapers of the day !

Both were censured by a court of inquiry for their conduct during the battle.

Gotta Love the Courage ! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Less Than Honorable ?

General George Armstrong Custer.

On June 11 1864 Gen Custer was involved in a battle at Trevilian Station.
After initial success he over extended his pursuit of Confederate wagons and found himself surrounded by Confederate forces. 

When his color bearer was hit Custer "Saved The Colors"
Unlike most others who save the Flag, Custer did not raise the colors.
He tore them from the staff and hid them under his coat !

After the fight Custer reported to Sheridan, who asked Custer if the colors had been taken ?

Custer pulled the flag from inside his coat, proudly waved it over his head, saying.
"Not by a damned sight- There it is" !

It's just my opinion, but Custer was just a tad short of honorable in his actions.

How many men North and South gave their lives forwarding the colors ?

Custer was a coward !


I love the comments here and at Facebook about this post.
Even getting a few from the Phantom Zone !
Say Hello to General Zod !

It turns out Ralph Steel is Corey Meyer.
Sneaky Devil slipped by me !