Thursday, November 21, 2013

True Courage !

I was watching the movie "42" the other night, a great movie and one scene in particular comes to mind.

Harrison Ford playing Branch Rickey, says to Chadwick Boseman playing Jackie Robinson,

" I need a man with the courage to not fight back "

That was a fantastic line !

That being said I will get to the subject of this post -- Courage !

One of the most courageous people I know is Susan Hathaway, Yep the founder of the VA Flaggers.

This young lady stood in front of the VMFA alone with a Confederate Battle Flag to protest what many see as an injustice ( The removal of the CBF from the Chapel ), God bless her for that !

Now then by doing so she has come under constant attack from opponents who distort her reasons for carrying the flag.

One in particular Brooks Simpson, seems to have a fixation on Susan, he is constantly Brow Beating her,
making ludicrous accusations about her, and challenging her to reply to his comments.

She gives no reply to him ! So he calls her Silent Susan. I tell you what, Susan is anything but silent !

she ain't afraid of a microphone and don't mince her words, add to her speaking ability, a wonderful singing voice. And she is entertaining and informative.

So it's kinda like the Robinson story, Susan is out front forwarding the colors trying as best she can to protect all of our southern Ancestors. While The whole time the Floggers continue to attack her.

 She is a woman with the courage to not fight back and stays focused on her task.

God Bless ya Susan, Thanks for all your hard work !


  1. Amen! She is in my prayers daily that God would continue to give her courage! Deo Vindice!

  2. David, I was wondering does any one video these speeches or record them is some manner. I mean if Susan is not affraid to speak out by all means let's hear what she has to say at these meetings. What does she have to hide?

    1. She has nothing to hide, --- I will give one to watch others are out there but I'm sure a Top Notch Historian, (pfffffft) with your excellent research ability's (LOOOOOL) should have no problem finding others.

    2. Does the flag raising really count as a meeting? That's more of an event with its own message and agenda. Let's see a meeting Dav'.

    3. Who died and made you king ?
      You are acting like Simpson, you ask and I'm suppose to give you whatever you want.
      look at the last picture in this post, it shows Susan speaking at the Tallahassee Armored Guard; is she communicating with sign language?
      NO! She was speaking to the meeting.
      I tell ya what, here is another Video of Susan speaking -
      not so silent is she ?
      Now then, take this cyber stool and go sit in the corner with your hands together and put your nose against the wall, act like a spoiled little child and I will treat you like one.

    4. Sign language? Looks like hand gestures.

      And that video is an interview, not a meeting. Honestly Dav, why make such arguments when you have no proof to back them up?

  3. Love this post! VA Flaggers have responded to heritage issues with tact and effectiveness.

  4. I think comparing her stance to Jackie Robinson's actions, is like comparing Susan's stance to the Westboro Baptist Church

    1. I've said it before, " I don't care what YOU think"

  5. Thanks, Dave! I truly appreciate you and your support. I hope and pray that any attention and honor given me and/or the Va Flaggers would be reflected back on the Confederate soldiers whose memory we ALL work so hard to defend! I feel the winds of change blowing, and I am so glad we are on the same side...the RIGHT this struggle. God bless you, my brother! :)

    1. That being said -- Ends this comment thread !