Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Over 1500 made --

I don't have an exact number but it's around 1500.

My newest coin has a flip side --

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Yep made of resin and has a penny with a CBF in Abe's Face !

A clear coat with UV resistance.

It should last a while !

Less than 100 of this style - the resin coins take a while !

Why do I make the coins ?

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Simply to say Thank You !


We had tornados in the area, my mail got wet but when I read it it made me happy !

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Looks like I gotta get another Picture Frame !

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Reverse Polarity !

A City Councilman from Syracuse N.Y. has created an uproar with the revelation of his racist comments. Seymore Butts first made headlines a few weeks back calling for the removal of a statue of

Gustavus Sniper

Gustavus Sniper was born in 1836 in the Grand Duchy of Baden, now present day Germany. As a child he emigrated to America and settled in Syracuse, NY. In 1854, he joined the Syracuse Light Guards.  At the beginning of the Civil War he joined the the 101st NY Volunteers, and attained the rank of captain. (This part is true)

Councilman Butts (whose book "Under The Bleachers" was on the NY Times Best seller list for 2 weeks.) 
Claimed that the statue was honoring an "Immigrate Kraut who through his actions endeavored to help free the Darkies and does not belong on American soil !
This statement drew the attention of Harry B Stowe, a local Blogger / Activist who began investigating Councilman Butts.
 Stowe revealed that Butts (who is white) had made a number of racist Tweets that made disparaging comments about the African American Community  and released his findings.
Local news sources as well as *social media took note of the comments. Causing quite a commotion.
Butts issued an apology for his comments. However after pressure from the N.Y. State Board of Education, Butts resigned his position on the board. He also resigned his teaching position at Wes Bellamy High School.

Despite the comments and resignations Butts held on to his council seat and the city council agreed in a 3-2 vote that the statue should go.
Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have announced plans to hold a candlelight vigil at the statue to save it from the wrecking ball. Details in the days to come.

* (Babbling) Brooks Simpson and Kevin Levin (The Master of Spin) were quick to pounce on the comments, both called for censure of Butts from any and all sources. Butts once visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond Virginia and was photographed walking in front of a group of protestors, (The VA Flaggers) and never missing an opportunity to lash out at the protestors, Simpson and Levin instantly added Butts to the membership of the group.

Harry B Stowe started a  petition to have Butts recalled the petition however was rejected.

( This is a fictional satire )

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Equal honor

Not a General, but deserving of equal honor !

 James Whitfield Turnley
Trambles Brigade, Artillery, Private
Turnley was born May 2, 1837. He enlisted in June of 1861 and
remained to the end of the war. He married Sallie A. Jennings
(2/8/1839-9/25/1910) on February 4, 1858 and had three children.
Whitfield Turnley died July 3, 1899 and is buried in
 Cedar Hill Cemetery  Suffolk Virginia.

You don't need to be an S.C.V. member, or a Virginia Flagger
to show Respect !

Monday, March 6, 2017

the silence of the shams.

Fast to condemn "White Supremacist".
On the Subject of Wes Bellamy
Charlottesville's Vice Mayor
Brooks Simpson has nothing to say ! 

Fast to condemn "White Supremacist".
On the Subject of Wes Bellamy
Charlottesville's Vice Mayor
Kevin Levin has nothing to say ! 

Why you reckon that is ?

Maybe it's ---

Kinda makes me question their integrity  !