Saturday, November 29, 2014


There is an FAA Regulation !

Cannot Fly within 1 mile of an airport.

so, overhead at VMFA is open !

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Enola Gray III

The Enola Gray has been outfitted with a Molecular Scrambler.

Meanwhile back at the farm ---

and in the slack time --


Monday, November 24, 2014

The Enola Gray !

I've been having some fun at Southern Face Book Sites, I'm not that good with photo shop but my Confederate Drone "The Enola Gray" photo series is getting good responses.

I do not condone the vandalism of our national monuments, the pictures are simply a sort of political cartoon.

I've been told the Floggers are having a field day with the pictures. And I'm sure they have twisted and made a mountain outta a mole hill. Especially with this one.

  I've never hidden my contempt of Lincoln, He was a racist dictator, who provoked a war that cost the two nations many lives and still effects our nation today. 

                                    As a member of the John Wilkes Booth Society        
           I think We ought to dig Lincoln up and shoot him again just to make sure !

Moving Right Along ---


As I stated earlier I do not promote the vandalism / desecration of American National Monuments.
HOWEVER an Improvement or two could be made !
( remember this is akin to a political cartoon, no monuments were damaged / changed )  

Next up --

This one has gotten a lot of "LIKE" responses, it's my favorite.

The  Lincoln statue at Tredegar, is an insult to all Virginian's / Southerners.

I worked next door to Tredegar for a few months, and did make an actual improvement. 
The staff at Tredegar even used the next pic as a screen saver for a while

Back to the present.

Even The Romulans get in on the act !
gotta love them laser cannons !

This one has nothing to do with Lincoln or the war between the states.

Protect our Borders !

I'm sick of our borders being a Hi-Way for illegal immigrants.

I say bring our troops home from Afghanistan and put them on our border, protect our nation first !


The pictures and opinions are mine, not the VA Flaggers, 
or Members of any F/B page. 
I take sole responsibility for the pictures and opinions !


I'm sure the Floggers will make the inevitable connection / Tatum's  a Flagger so, by default the Flaggers are responsible for the pictures as well.
Well I'm also an American if your gonna use the connection by association argument,
All Americans are responsible as well !

Saturday, November 22, 2014

On The Blvd. With TriPp.

Out In Front !

Good old TriPp Lewis, this guy takes a lot of flack.
Not only from Floggers, but Confederate supporters as well.

Heck I've even had a disagreement with him !

But ya know what ? 
Like him or hate him, he's got the Courage and Dedication to stand for what he believes.

I ran across a video of TriPp at the VMFA.
You can watch it HERE.

TriPp you got more patience than I do.

I just might have to make a TriPp Lewis Ribbon !

Friday, November 21, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

4 outta 5 ain't bad.

Last week I sent out five samples of "Raw Cotton"
I did so to help people understand how difficult it would be to remove the seed by hand.

Also it would show how wonderful an invention the "Cotton Gin" was.

Well I got four Thank You notes.

If anyone else would like some send me a S.A.S.E. I'll be glad to hook you up !

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Wow it looks like I gotta go back to NOT publishing comments from ANONYMOUS.

I'm getting way too much incoherent babble and the associated hate that comes with it !

I do get some that like what I do here, but I'm gonna quit printing all ANONYMOUS comments.

If ya wanna give me a name I'll work with ya.

If yer gonna hide behind anonymity save us some time and don't bother.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Call For ---

I got a simple question for ya Brooks,

" What has Susan Hathaway done to make you so hateful towards her" ?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hey Goad !

Hey Goad, ain't this one of your songs ?

The imagery Kinda makes me think of --

So the next time anyone wants to compare the Battle flag to the Swastika 
just send em here.

Borrowing a line from you ---



Here is a song I don't mind being connected to

What they would have you believe !

The other night I was watching -

A Million ways to die in the west.

One scene in particular made me think of the Floggers.

This is the Image the Floggers would have you think we are all about

Click HERE

But if you get to know us you will see we are more like


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dixie The Land of King Cotton.

Dixie The Land of King Cotton 

(Civil War Song Lyrics)

Oh, Dixie, the land of King Cotton,

The home of the brave and the free;
A nation by freedom begotten,
The terror of despots to be.
Wherever thy banner is streaming,
Base tyranny quails at thy feet;
And liberty's sunlight is beaming
In splendor of majesty sweet.

Then three cheers for our Army so true,
Three cheers for our President too;
May our banner triumphantly wave
Over Dixie,the land of the brave!

When Liberty sounds her war rattle,
Demanding her right and her due,
The first land to rally to battle
Is Dixie, the home of the true.
Thick as leaves of the forest in summer,
Her brave sons will rise on each plain
And then strike till each vandal comer
Lies dead on the soil he would stain.


Then three cheers for our Army so true,
Three cheers for our President too;
May our banner triumphantly wave
Over Dixie,the land of the brave!

May the names of the dead that we cherish 
Fill memory's cup to the brim; 
May the laurels we've won never perish,
Nor our stars of their glory grow dim.
May our states of the South never sever
But companions of freedom e'er be;
May they flourish Confed'rate forever, 
The boast of the brave and the free.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Hands on Teaching ---

Soooo I'm thinking about sending Kevin Levin a package of raw cotton, ask him to let his students feel what it is. Then suggest having him tell his students - " Imagine you have to get the seeds out of a barn full of cotton" That way his students will understand what it was like.
I seriously doubt the kids from Boston have ever set foot in a cotton field.
 Heck for that matter I doubt many kids from Dixie have either.



I've gotten a couple request for raw cotton samples from other folks, maybe I'm on to something.
If ya want one, let me know.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Remember my post a few weeks ago ? I told Ya the Danville Flag situation was't over.
 you can see it HERE

Well, sure enough my prediction came true. You can read the story HERE .

It seems the S.C.L.C.  (Suppress Confederate Lifestyles Completely ) as well as the N.A.A.C.P.
( National Association  Against Confederate People ) are set on abolishing any public image of the Confederacy.


Monday, November 3, 2014

CSA Anonymous !

 CSA Anonymous ?


My last Blog post got a comment from  CSA Anonymous.

                                            Anonymous - CSA - June 2014

"Would've thought the "manufactured pictures" made it clear we know it's fake guess not. And we have many names. We are: CSA Anonymous."

Information concerning traitors in the leadership positions of the Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans.


The video is a laugh, as is the whole concept of CSA ANONYMOUS.

Why not just call yourselves COWARDS ?

If ya ain't got the Gingos to sign your name to what ya write, why bother ?

Looks like we have a 4th for pinochle in the Phantom Zone.

Look ! Up in the Sky ----