Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Take a closer look - PLEASE !

I received a comment on my last post about the Flaggers 5th Pick Nick =

"It is good to see that pictures of the crowd were kept to a minimum so that those Yankee bloggers cannot identify the usual the usual White Supremacist that were in attendance !

Typical comment from a Yankee Blatherskite.
 He had the guilty verdict in before he saw the evidence !

So I sent this Scaramouch a link to a page with hundreds of pictures taken at the event !

Cause I got nothing to hide !

Who knows what or who he will find !

But you can bet your Bippie if he doesn't find anything, he'll create something !

And so it goes --- 

Monday, September 26, 2016

The 2016 Flaggers Pick Nick.

The 2016 VA Flagger Pick Nick was like the others, it was a family Affair !

Great food and good times with family and friends.

The pick nick is an event I look forward to each year, Regardless of comments made by 
Yankee Bloggers the Event is Family Oriented - No alcohol, sheets or burning crosses.

I got a close up look at the "Flaggin Wagon"
A wonderful addition to the Flagger's on going mission.

This year a "Boot Camp" was held for children --

Teaching children about getting in line and marching !
Sharing the importance of Team Work and Unity !

My neighbor Susan Caraway, and friends provided fantastic music !
It was cool to run into a neighbor that far from home.

This is Part of my Family, everyone that could make it !

Next Year the twins Charlie and Logan will be big enough !

As I said the pick nick was for Family !

I was able to pass out about 100 - M-10s

As I handed them out I told folks to find a Confederate soldier who deserved one !
I got a good response from everyone who got one !

Yep it was a good time !
I'm looking forward to next year !

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Put the cuffs on me !

I've seen a number of posts about flags and placards being confiscated at an Ole Miss football game.

Police officers told people if they did not give up the items they would be arrested !

A photo turned up of a confiscated flag being hauled away at the game.

( I think this is a State Flag )

Well I guess I'd be going to jail !

I would not willingly surrender my Flag !

What could I be charged with ? On whose authority would the arrest occur ?

Yeeeeesh, talk about a 1st Amendment Violation !!

Unless EVERY flag and every placard were to be taken from it's owner, that's discrimination !

Of course Discrimination against all things Southern is the norm nowadays.

Yep Bubba, you just gonna have to lock me up !

Correction !

I originally said 2nd amendment violation, ooops !

Monday, September 12, 2016

Flagging N.A.S.C.A.R.

Image result for RIR logo

N.A.S.C.A.R. gets a Flagging !

Fresh out of the body and paint shop, The Mobile Flagger Response Unit was deployed to Richmond International Raceway on Saturday morning. Early in the afternoon, we raised a 10' x 15' Battle Flag on the 70' pole and the response was immediate and overwhelming!

Visible from almost any vantage point on the grounds of Richmond International Raceway, a steady stream of race fans made their way over to thank us and get a closer look at the giant flag.

Word spread quickly and we gave away hundreds of stickers and had the opportunity to speak to many folks, sharing information about our flags and how they could get involved in the fight to save our heritage.


We were very pleased with the results of this first deployment, and are excited about our plans for continued development of the Mobile Flagger Response Unit and the many, many ways it will help us forward the colors and advance the flags of Dixie!

( From VA Flagger's Blog )

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Family Feud !

As much as I try to stay away from commenting on other Blogs, sometimes I do it !

A recent disagreement between two VA Flaggers seems to have given them some Blog Fodder !

( Surprise - Surprise )

Susan and I.

Karen and I.

TriPp and I.

I know all three and consider myself blessed to call them friends.

And like any family sometimes disagreements happen.

And the Truth be told I've had disagreements with all three.

But that's the way it goes, Families be they biological or adopted will have fights.

We all have differing opinions on any given subject, and are free to express our views.

But life goes on, and we continue to grow and learn.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Overwhelmed !

"Dog Gone" the response to my latest "Coin" has me overwhelmed and Humbled.

My latest "Coin" is a composite of two replicas.

A CSA Button -

And a Southern Cross of Honor Medal -

It took 6 attempts to get the Die right -

the one on the bottom right gave me good results !

I finally came up with this --

Still not perfect, but pretty good.

As I said, I'm humbled by the complements, and overwhelmed by the number of requests. 

So I'm posting this to handle the request.

Five Coins / $5 !

Postage runs about $2.80, the Padded envelope about 50 cents.

so that leaves $1.70.

So it's 34 cent a coin. 

That covers my time, the material, paint, electricity and gas to the post office.

So If you want a few contact me at

or PM Me on Facebook.


Mold # 10

I wasn't 100% happy with #6 if you look closely at the picture you will see
that the "OR" in HONOR is a bit blurry.

So I kept making molds til I got it right.

All the lettering is sharp and the CSA is even.

I'm going with # 10 !

Thanks to all the folks who like the coin.
I'm making them as fast as I can to fill the requests.