Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Confederates " Infernal Machine"

The Confederates had to use a bit of imagination / creativity to fight the Yankees.
Having nowhere near the resources as the North, the South had to use what they had.

July 7th 1861 Capt. Rudd of the Steamer USS Resolute removed an ingenious device set adrift by the confederates form Aquia Creek.

The Infernal Machine was removed from the Patomac as it drifted towards the Pawnee.

This description was sent to the Navy Department ---

"Two large 80 gallon oil cask perfectly watertight, acting as buoys, connected by 25 fathoms of 3 and one half inch rope, buoyed with large squares of cork, every two feet secured to casks by iron handles, A heavy bomb of boiler iron fitted with a brass tap and filled with powder, was suspended to the casks six feet under water. On top of the cask was a large wooden box, filled with fuse in a gutta percha tube. In the center of the cork was a platform with a great length of fuse that coiled away, occupying the middle of the cask."


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