Monday, October 24, 2011

Is Mississippi Still Burning ?

Well I watched “Is Mississippi Still Burning

Joseph Goebbels would be happy with the production were he around to see it!

The producer had four shots of the Mississippi State flag that includes the Battle flag in its design.And a couple of shots of a Confederate monument. Both were mentioned in the segment.

But what wasn’t mentioned was neither had a damn thing to do with the crime! The man (PUNK), who is accused of the murder, and by all accounts it is a hate crime and should be dealt with as such, had no Confederate connections.

It was mentioned that he hung out at a gas station, I guess by the same logic used to tie in the Confederate part of the story you could have tied in the Company that owned the gas station.Was it Shell, or Texaco?

And what brand of beer did he drink? It would have made just as much sense to tie in the gas company or the beer brand as it did The “Confederate Connection” which is NONE!

It was just another inflammatory piece of Yankee journalism, designed to vilify Southern Heritage!

I hope the guilty person gets the death penalty!

And you can be sure my flag won’t be at half staff when they throw the switch!

David Tatum Jr.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Twins? Well they think alike!

Charles Girard who was a French military supplier to the Confederacy noted:

"Even the Southern Slaves fight with their masters for their way of life, in preference to dying of hunger in Northern cities, as prey of the invader.

From Paris pays / May 13, 1861.

Black Confederates or not?

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Locket.©

At last the war was over, Now Johnny was on his way home

And silent as most of the others - Passing a wasteland of ashes and stone.

For once on that land stood proud “Dixie” a lady that Johnny loved true.

At the station at home waited Heather, A jealous woman, but John loved her too.

Yes Heather was jealous of Dixie- because Dixie had taken “Her Man”

In her heart Heather tried to forgive her- But Dixie had ruined her plans.

At her church Heather planned to get Married- Then raise children to play in the yard!

But Dixie stole Johnny for four long years - so finding forgiveness was hard.

But now he was “HOME” it was over- yes sweet Heather was waiting for him.

With flowers in hand, she’d wait for this man- Then caress those coarse hairs on his chin.

But at the Station there were so many- in fact it took Heather a while.

When she saw him she greeted him gently- a silent kiss blended with a sad smile.

“Close she sat as they rode back of carriage- past Her Church that was burned to the ground

Then through a charred frame, its all that remained- of what once was there small southern Town

It was then that she noticed the “locket”- her auburn hair sticking out a small crack.

When she gave it to Johnny he Promised- that “Yes Dear- I’ll Bring It Back”

So true to his word Johnny had it - but as the carriage passed by the old well.

Heather looked in his face and saw the cold trace - of four years of fighting through Hell.

As the carriage pulled into the back yard - Johnny still had her locket in hand

Heather smiled and kissed him so Gently - closed the lid - Then she buried her man.

By Dave Tatum

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

El Paso ?

El Paso, is in Illinois ?

Well if it plays in Peoria or Eureka

I guess it will float in El Paso!

But not in DIXIE !