Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"Because I Said So" ?

Who died and made this clown KING ?

Take a minute and watch the video, I have no idea who trained this buffoon.

But as a security guard myself you NEVER, make it personal - NEVER !!!


I cant understand the illogical I am the Alpha, Omega /

KING KONG, El supremo, King Foo Foo, statement made by this security guard at the VMFA !

I'm quite sure this man does not set policy, but he seems to think HIS word is law!

I don't know what bus stop the security company is dragging folks like this in from :
but he has no business wearing a shield!

Yes as a security guard your not a real police officer,
but your conduct should be much better than is displayed by this man!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Real People on the Front Line !

It's Just a photo collection of every day people!

Doing what they feel is right !

Forwarding the Colors!

They don't hide behind Computers, not protected by the walls of a blog!

In the streets, on the front lines.
They don't get paid to do it, and they ain't doin it for fame!

Like our Confederate ancestors they do it from their heart!

Lexington VA !

Richmond VA, At the VMFA!

John Taylor, as a police officer he put his life on the line!
And his wife who waited at home, every night never knowing if -----
She is the true hero!

Susan Hathaway and Elizabeth Wilson!

Two beautiful young women!

Both who have courage. They endure insults and keep their composure!

Mr Robert Wagner.
This Guy Scares me ! And I ain't afraid Of nothing !

Lexington VA Again!

Flagging the Hallmark Lady!

At the Pelham Chapel.

Just regular folks, who wish to right a wrong!

God bless em!

This guy is a good friend of mine !
He wishes he could flag more often!

I wish to thank every one who has the courage to do whats right!