Thursday, October 10, 2013

JC Tatum a Confederate Soldier remembers--

It's a rainy day, just perfect for going over old family records.
I ran across a page written by JC Tatum, My great grandfather, written 30 years after the War Between the States.

" After an interval of over thirty years of time my memory takes me back to my wartime days 
(1861 1865) it seems strange about my experience as a Confederate soldier , yet it is true. And that I am proud today as a prince of that experience 
. I rejoice with exceeding great joy to know that I and my brother William were  soldiers in the Army of Northern Virginia and that I lived in the same days and generation and breathed the same liberty loving atmosphere as Generals Lee and Jackson and that incomparable host of patriots whose valor and  heroic achievements for our cause has challenged the admiration of the civilized world .
My brother and I did our duty to the last, we had guns and used them in many hard fought battles to our satisfaction, without either being taken prisoner or receiving only slight wounds once in a while"
                                                                                                         John C Tatum

I guess rainy days are good for something !




  1. Unbelievably gallant. That was a great generation too!!!!!!!