Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Kodak Moment 1860s style

A Kodak Moment / 1860s style
During the war for Southern Independence depending on which side of the mason Dixon line you lived, or which side you aligned yourself with you had differing views.
The status of the Battle Flag will remain exactly as it stands TODAY
Divided opinions, differing interpretations.
I have my opinion. It was formed by my great uncle W.H. Tatum
During the war he wrote home. I have transcripts of his letters that are in the Virginia Historical Society archives.
I shall present a few lines from his letters home.

July 22nd 1861 At Bull Run Creek
We have cause to thank our Heavenly Father for thus giving us the victory--
Many poor fellows have bitten the dust since yesterday morning & one of our men are worth 20 of Lincolns minions
July 29th 1861 Centerville VA.

I heard of one of our men whose company was behind the trenches, standing out when the enemy made a charge, his Captain told him to get behind the embankment. His reply was “ No sir, they come up to us far and squar and I am going to stand here far and squar” He did stand fare and square, and was not hurt !
Leesburg VA Nov 1st 1861

I understand that in case the enemy attacks again, Gen Evans has orders to retire.
This is a beautiful country and I would hate to see it in position of Lincoln’s hordes
Culpepper Court House VA Oct 9th 1862.

The country looks like a commons from the battlefield to the court house.
The people all have the same tale to tell, they took whatever they could lay their hands on & not content with that they would break up costly furniture, tear down banisters, & kick the panels out of doors

The letters continue in the same fashion until Appomattox . But this is my personal reason !
I was never the target of hate or intimidation by use of the Battle Flag, and I won’t deny this happened in the past and is happening today. To those who see the Battle flag as a hate tool I understand. I ask for your understanding of what it means to me.
Respectfully Submitted
David Tatum Jr