Monday, April 11, 2011

A shooter from The Grasy Knoll !

The other day Kevin Levin (The Master of Spin) made one of his usual absurd comments.
It was about a tourist brochure that had a picture of a young boy dressed in a confederate uniform setting beneath a tree.
Kevin questioned the hidden motives for choosing the picture. The boy beneath the tree was not white ! Why was it an other than white boy? What message was the brochure trying to send? Who was it aimed at?
Kevin “GIVE IT A REST” !!!
There wont no midget in the storm drain at the base of the Grassy Knoll in Dallas on Nov 22nd 1963 who fired the shot that killed Kennedy so quit lookin for him!

Everything is not a conspiracy !

My interpretation of the picture was a young boy who was just using his imagination! He was imagining he was a confederate soldier, the uniform was just an enhancement by the photographer to bring this point across!

The color of the Childs skin is only an issue if you wish to make it one!
I don’t see any deeply conceived plot, it is just a child imagining! I guess your saying an other than white child can’t pretend to be a Confederate Soldier!

I know this is one of them waaaay around the corner things but bear with me a bit.
Do you want to know why Spiderman is so popular with people of every color?
By using imagination anyone of any color could put on the mask and be Spiderman.
The same idea applies to the boy in the picture, can you grasp that concept?

Not everyone has your Civil War Memory! Thank God for that !

The War and its history belong to everyone, every American of every color! And just because you are one color or the other doesn’t automatically make you belong to one side or the other.

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  1. "The color of the Childs skin is only an issue if you wish to make it one!"

    That is the main, number one obsession of Confederacy bashers. I think they are revealing something about themselves when they harp on it.