Saturday, April 16, 2011

Need A Tire ?

If Y’all have seen my post at SHPG you might recognize this one.
It deals with over educated buffoons who needlessly flaunt their academic credentials.

Need a tire ?

When I was 14 or 15 I was working at a “Service Station”
That’s when an attendant would, pump your gas, check your oil, clean your windshield, and check the air in your tires.

One day I was mounting a new tire for a customer, After putting the tire on his wheel I put the tire on the bubble balance indicator, to balance his new tire.
That’s when this college educated buffoon started to show me just how smart he was.

He first posed a question about why did I have to balance the tire, but before I could answer he went into an explanation about “harmonic balance”, “Centrifugal Force” and a lot of other mumbo jumbo that I was in no mood to listen to.

After his wonderful lesson in physics he stood there proud as a peacock, I guess he thought I was impressed with his dissertation! When he finally took time to inhale I told him “ Yea iffin ya don’t put the weights on the tire it’ll wobble”!

I then smiled at him, and overcharged him for mounting the tire.

All that education was totally wasted on me .I knew what I was doing and did not need his input! I guess the fact he was a Yankee from New York didn’t help him either. @#$%ing Yankees’

So before you try to impress me with your educational history, Remember the tire story! I’m gonna make ya look stupid, and yer gonna pay for it !


  1. I remember your tire tales! They are an apt representation of educated idiots. You know the kind - they're so intent on twisting historical fact to fit their PC agenda that they loose any common sense they might have left after the brainwashing they receive at their LIBERAL universities. Education is essential, and I have a post-graduate degree, but ANY education that causes you to dispense with common sense is not education - it's INDOCTRINATION! Keep selling tires David, there's at least 1 follower of your blog that needs a whole new set!

  2. Stan thanks for the comment.
    As for the 1 follower I think you are talking about, the one who talks “TRASH” about research, yet never does any himself. He simply pastes links on his blog to sites that have done research.

    It’s kinda like having your picture taken with someone famous, that way people will perceive that you are associated with the famous person. So in his case it’s “Smart by Association”

    The easy way to tell what this “Klingon” actually writes himself is to look at the spelling.If it’s full of words that are spelled incorrectly, he wrote it! And this Klingon claims to be a teacher !

  3. David, you soooo have those guys nailed.