Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Give Up ?

Sometimes I just feel like giving up. No matter how hard I try, regardless of how much effort I put in to defending my heritage my one voice is drown out by ten others.
It seems sometimes that the truth is secondary to political correctness.

Constantly being battered and refuted by scholars with all kinds of diplomas of higher education, researchers, historians, people that sit on advisory commissions and do TV and radio interviews, constantly bombarding the public with the results of their research. Their expertise, unwilling, unbending, unwavering, steadfast in the notion that only they are correct, and I am just a radical faction who doesn’t matter. I and many like me are painted as lost causers, neo-confederates who keep their Friday Night Sheets in the back of the closet. We are racist, Confederate Taliban, Flying the flag of the KKK.
I get so frustrated and overwhelmed I want to say “The Hell with it let somebody else carry the colors, let someone else fight the battle, I’m sick of it”!

And then I read a story like the one about, Mr. Perry Thrasher, A Korean War Veteran who is in the VA hospital in Memphis Tennessee. Mr. Thrasher had a small confederate flag displayed in his room. His Grand Father was a Confederate Veteran. One of the staff was offended by his flag and he was forced to remove it!

Now I am offended! Here we have a man with a spinal injury who has been a long term resident at the hospital. He served his country with honor! And now one of the little pleasures he has in life has been taken away! Why? Because someone who has listened to the Historians is offended!

I’m asking for everyone’s help with this. I am sending him a post card with Robert E Lee on it and some confederate money. I am not sending anything with the battle flag. Rules are rules and the only flag allowed in the hospital is Old Glory. (So they say)

PLEASE everyone send Mr. Thrasher something Confederate, a card, a picture, anything you can think of. A picture of Lee, Jackson, President Davis, a confederate soldier or sailor. A picture of the CSS Virginia, anything you can think of. But NO FLAGS, lets play by the rules.

Don’t let Joe do it! You do it! Quit waiting for someone else to do the job. It won’t take much. A picture, an envelope and a stamp.

Mr Perry Thrasher
C/O VA Medical Center
1030 Jefferson Ave
Memphis TN. 38104.


  1. Dont be ashamed or give up in the fight to protect our heritage.. I have created the perfect argument when discussing the war was about slavery, or confederate supporters support slavery. The most ESSENTIAL 5 sentences that are impossible to deny and will shut down WHOEVER is ARGUING WITH YOU. LEAVING YOU THE VICTOR OF PROTECTING YOUR HERITAGE!! See below:

    My latest 2 entries in my blog are on Abraham Lincoln's lesser known pro slavery quotes and how any CONFEDERATE can inform a "south hater" how the war was not over slavery. It is through Lincolns support of the corwin amendment which would keep slavery legal in the deep south FOREVER under constitutional law. Lincoln took office and wrote a letter to all the governors of the seceded states guaranteeing the corwin amendment** would pass if their states would rejoin the union. Lincoln guaranteed slavery to be legal if the they rejoined.. so with those admitted known facts.. logic would tell you that if the states simply left to make sure they could keep slavery legal and always have the right to keep slaves.. they got their wish.. but as we all know, they rejected Lincoln's offer so obviously the states Secession was about something else other than the right to keep slaves. Because Lincoln ensured slavery would remain legal FOREVER..

    the website is

    please get the word out, as a 23 year old Confederate Political science and protector of heritage I want my message to reach as many people as possible. I want to help all confederate supporters in arguments when people call them racist or slave supporters.

    **please read the Corwin amendment and then read Lincoln's 1st Inaugural, Lincoln supported it strongly. He had no intention of freeing any slaves in the south, he only wanted to make sure slavery did not spread to any of the territories or any FUTURE STATES

  2. Well in the next few days the VA hospital should start recieving our mail.
    Thanks to all who sent a note or card to Mr Thrasher, as well as all who included him in your prayers

    Deo Vindice

    Dave Tatum