Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't Ask Don't Tell !

(Don’t ask don’t tell)

History has a strange way of repeating itself. Kind of like an algebra problem;
If you put together a given set of factors in sequence and you will come up with the same solution.

The United States Government had a long running policy of “Don’t ask Don’t tell” concerning gays and lesbians in military service.
So by the numbers there were ZERO “documented” gays in the military!
Now there were many that had been kicked out of the service, but none were statistically on active duty according to documented evidence.
( Notice how that word documented keeps popping up?)
But why would the US Government purposely conceal / ignore the fact that Gays were actually in the military? HMMMMMMM?

Could it be that the American public, (tax payers) were not ready to accept the fact that this was happening? So rather than upset the tax paying public Uncle Sam does a song and dance complete with smoke and mirrors to keep the public happy. That sounds reasonable doesn’t it?

Ok let’s drop back 150 years to the War for Southern Independence.
Many Neo-Yankee Lincolnites’ say there is no documentation from the Confederate Government that states there were Black Confederate Soldiers.

Never mind the fact there are many Union reports of Black Confederate Soldiers the Union reports don’t fit their agenda so they are disregarded in this case.
I guess you could call it “Selective Documentation Recognition”

OK back to the problem --------

The Confederate Government knew that Blacks were serving in the army but they were faced with the same problem as Uncle Sam had with gays.
The Admission by the CSA Government of Blacks being in the Army would have upset the citizens of the newly formed nation. So to keep a lid on the situation
(Lord knows they had enough problems to deal with at the time)
the CSA basically did the same thing,
“ No Blacks allowed in the Army” knowing the whole time that they were there!
The public is happy with statement and the politicians could then concentrate on other matters.

2010 / GL - X 0 = 0
1861 / BC - X 0 = 0


  1. Corey

    Buy a dictionary!
    Or learn how to use spell check!
    If you are a teacher, you’re pathetic!

  2. Hey Dave! Obama, and his lackeys in the lame duck congress, got rid of "don't ask, don't tell"! So, since Obama is one of KB's buddies, he's got to finally admit there were, and are, black Confederates! Great example and deductive process! By the way, was their ever any doubt about KB being pathetic?

  3. KB Doesn’t do ANY research, except for looking around the web to find links he can post on his blog.
    It’s kinda like getting your picture taken with the super bowl winners and saying your part of the team!

  4. Nice work, Dave! I was feeling a little queasy at the start there, but you brought it all together nicely.