Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shackling Slavery to the South, One size Fits All

Shackling Slavery to the South !

Supporters of the Northern Claim that the war was over slavery, really have the blinders on tight. Add to the blinders, selective amnesia, with deftness and you have the perfect self righteous, we were (and are) morally superior to the South, Confederate basher! The selective amnesia / deftness come in when you mention the Slave Shipping Industry and who made huge sums of money off of it! They never mention it and don’t want to hear about it.

I guess Pilate is still washing his hands so to speak.

The inhumane conditions of the voyage from Africa seem to fade into the fog of time and all you hear about is the “Uncle Toms Cabin” Southern Slavery rhetoric !

Then add to that “The North had abolished Slavery”
Well to an extent that is true, but I think they just renamed it and kept it going to a lesser degree. You could still have an “indentured” servant! And that servant being black could be kept as an indenture / males till they were 21 yo and females 18 yo/ and at anytime before they were of age to be free they could “transfer” the indenture as they pleased ( Sell them to the South)

Oh yes the wonderful moral north,

Have they ever said why the underground rail road went to Canada?

Not because of the fugitive slave act, no, no, no! It was the “Black Codes” that prohibited free blacks or run away slaves from living amongst their white saviors.

Yes a few free blacks did live in the states with Black Exclusionary laws. Very few.

What about “The Great Emancipator” didn’t he have a plan to “Colonize” the newly freed black man? Did he not favor the Superior title be assigned to the White man?His Emancipation Proclamation, left slavery intact in areas controlled by the North!You can’t get any more moral than that, can you?

What about the original 13th amendment,Offered up by the North, that would guarantee the right to own slaves "forever", and could not be revoked? Seems like somebody was selling out the black mans freedom for money! You know the deal ( just rejoin the union, pay the tariff and taxes, and we promise you the right to own slaves forever)!

If it were a case of “lets make a deal” with Abe Lincoln taking the place of Monty Hall, the south took what was behind Door # 2 !!!! They seceded !
They did not try to overthrow the union but left it as provided for in the Constitution, But the Yankee propagandist of today call them traitors!

While I’m on my soap box.

The NAACP is constantly crying about all things Confederate.

A typical newspaper article will say “a flag used to honor Confederate Veterans is being protested by” -------
Then a spokesperson for the NAACP will connect the Battle Flag to hate groups / slavery --------
Well if the newspaper had said “ A flag used to honor the Neo-Nazis’ and KKK is being protested by the NAACP”, I would be right there with them!

But that is not what the flag is about!
The Battle Flag is NOT being put beside a statue of a hooded Klansman, or Skin Head!
It’s put beside a monument to Confederate soldiers, who by law are entitled to the same rights as all American Veterans!
Why can’t they see the difference? I guess they just don’t want to!
When it comes to Confederate bashing-

One Size Fits All !

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