Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Slavers Flag ?

Anyone notice a similarity between the NY State flag and the composit picture below it?

Now then if somebody wants to protest a flag, why not protest one that has 2 slave ships, a A Nazi emblem, and The Rising sun ?

Oh I can hear it now " It's not the same flag, the Nazis and Rising Sun came after the flag wasadopted, and how do you know they are slave ships"? "You can't compare the two"

Ok! Fair enough! But the radical KKK, White Neo Nazis, and other hate groups who use the battle flag as a hate tool came long after the Confederate soldier, who was defending his home from an invading army! So how can "You" connect the two?

Media story's state in essence--------

"A flag used to honor Confederate Veterans is being protested by some who say it is a flag of hate"

So why not protest the NY State flag for the same reason?


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  2. If your gonna protest a flag, why not protest one that has slave ships on it?
    I have done the research, any Yankee bloggers care to comment?
    At the time the flag was adopted some sources say up to 80% of the shipping in NY was in the slave trade. So is it an 80% chance that the ships pictures are slave ships
    And even if one of them is not they sure look like slavers!|
    I'm offended by the flag and I want it removed!