Sunday, April 24, 2011

Remember YOUR place in history !

Slavery Was the sin of a nation!

And seeing as how our Yankee friends have a selective memory,

I thought I would throw out this little reminder!

A 16 year old girl who refused to dance for the crew is punished!

As our Yankee friends seem to have selective memories let's do a little refreshing!

Sailing out of Newport, Rhode Island the Hope was involved in bringing Africans to the United States to be sold as slaves as part of the Middle Passage, In 1765, the brig was under the command of Captain Nathaniel Mumford On March 17, 1765 a revolt occurred on the ship:

"There was a passenger revolt aboard the brigantine Hope while it was bringing slaves from the coast of Senegal and Gambia to Connecticut. How did that happen? –Well, the captain, who had beaten several of his crewmen, had been killed and his body thrown overboard, and so the black cargo, seeing such discord among their captors, figured they maybe had a chance. In their revolt they killed one crew member and wounded several others. On this day their revolt was suppressed by killing seven of them

The following year the vessel brought in 100 slaves to Rhode Island.


Shipping conditions for the typical Voyage

Not a Carnival Cruise ship is it?


Captured Africans that had died in transit or were too sick for market,
were thrown overboard!


As the authorities close in the contraband cargo was thrown overboard!

Today's drug smugglers use the same practice.


Preparing the Merchandise for Showroom!

Not unlike today's' Car Dealerships


Yes there were inhuman practices by Southern Slave Owners as well!

But somehow our friends from up north seem to forget their role in slavery!

My Thanks to--

Ships and the Atlantic Crossing (Middle Passage)

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