Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day 2015 - Ceder Hill

I had a wonderful time yesterday at Ceder Hill Cemetery in Suffolk VA.

As I was walking to the podium --

I saw a group of Boy Scouts Placing American flags.

I then placed a few Remember coins along the way,

Heck I needed a bucket full, there are a lot of Confederate Soldiers at Ceder Hill.

When I arrived at the speaker's site I found an old Friend
Susan Carraway from the UDC.

She was wearing one of the ribbons I made for the occasion.
as were some others--

That made me feel pretty good !

The podium was beside the Tom Smith Monument.

I still had a few minutes before the event started so I took a few pictures.
The UDC had all the Confederate graves marked with flags.

When the Ceremony started the colors were brought forward,

A number of speakers were present.
Susan Carraway from the UDC
( I overheard a conversation, one of the other ladies apologized for introducing her as
Susan Hathaway at a previous event)

Kevin Beale, from the Tom Smith Camp
(Nice Ribbon)

Mike Pullen SCV  Oakwood Restoration Committee
(TriPp's Buddy)

Mr Lee Hart.

I forget this guys name, and ain't sure how he got to the podium.

Following the speakers wreaths were presented.
Suffolk Chapter 173 UDC

Tom Smith Camp 1702 SCV

John Sharrett of the Stonewall camp

Following the wreath presentation the
Dismal Swamp Rangers 
gave a Rifle Salute.

Becky Sharrett gave a closing prayer.

A wonderful day !



My REMEMBER Coins are getting around.

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