Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dave Tatum VS Godzilla

Every now and then I go off course and post something that is not related to the Confederacy.

This is one of those times ----

Last night I was leaving Ghetto # 1  in Williamsburg VA, I'd finished my patrol and was on the way to my next site. All of a sudden a huge black man comes running up in a panic.

"You gotta do something, there is a lizard in my apartment"!!!!

OK I thought to myself, -----was it --- GODZILLA !

Naw to big , maybe it was --
A Komodo Dragon !!
( naw wrong part of the world)

Perhaps a  Gila Monster --
( I won't lookin forward to messin with one)

More than likely someones Iguana had escaped --
That I could deal with !

When I asked the man how big the lizard was he indicated about the size of a cat with his hands.

We entered his apartment which desperately needed a Rug Doctor.

He pointed to an area by the patio door where a beam of sunlight was shining on the carpet.

"It was right there" he said.

Hmmmmm ? I thought probably catching some sunlight.

I moved some furniture around, trying to find the critter, no luck.

Suddenly the guy screamed - THERE IT IS -- 

He spooked me when he yelled so I jumped back and turned around,
This is what I saw --

3 or 4 inches long, so small it could slip between the sliding glass door and the stationary piece.

I opened the glass door, slid the screen door open stomped my foot and it ran out.

I couldn't help myself, I had to laugh.
A 6'4" man terrified of a Five-lined Skink.

Oh well mission accomplished, the resident was saved.

Just another story of the Naked City ! 


  1. David saves the day, Disaster averted

  2. Oh brother, Skinks aren't dangerous to people. They are more afraid of you than you are of them. I've picked them up and put them outside whenever I find them.

    1. I'm scared of wasps, I will pull over and open the windows of my car if one gets in when I'm driving. I don't get in a panic but yep, I'm scared of em.
      Living in the swamp I've become accustomed to all kinds of critters, snakes, lizards, spiders, whatever lives in the swamp is apt to be in my yard at any given time.