Sunday, May 3, 2015

Any way the wind blows !

One of the constants about the Floggers is their ability to spin negativity onto any given Southern situation.

The first I-95 flag for example, other than Levin's wrong prediction saying their would be no I-95 flag , we had Simpson yammering about the possibility of disturbing Grave sites. (HERE).
And of course all the Floggers had to pipe in about the flags location and its lack of visibility.

( This pic thanks to Andy Hall)

Now then, after the trees were cleared the flag was much easier to see - 

But I seem to remember folks yammering about "Right of Way", V.D.O.T.  restrictions, and a host of other issues that didn't apply.

So they were complaining about a flag that no one could see, ( Hmmmmm ?)

What if the flag had been put here -

Do you reckon they would have whined about it ?

You bet they would have, comments like " In everyone's face" and "Disregarding the feelings of those who find it offensive" would have been all over the place.
( Oh those shifting winds.) 

Recently I made some "REMEMBER" coins to be placed at the graves of Confederate Soldiers.

The idea has been well received by Pro - Southern folks, I posted about it HERE

But of course I got a few negative responses from Floggers. One even accused me of littering.

My point is -
No matter what we do to honor our Confederate ancestors,
 there will always be folks who gotta spin a bad light on it!


  1. If the opinions of Floggers mattered any there might be cause for concern. But, since those opinions are worthless there is no worry at all. Just an exhibition of haters hating.

    1. I know what ya mean, they ain't got a horse in the race or a bet at the window.

    2. I have a horse in the race.

    3. Sort of throws a wrench into your statement

    4. Heck come to think of it, Andy Hall has Confederate ancestors, so my comment may be off, but your comment only reinforces the basic idea of the original post !