Thursday, August 4, 2011

So post about it !

Kevin Levin made this statement---

"No one here has attempted to turn this into a South bashing crusade. We are all aware of the North’s long and violent history surrounding slavery and the slave trade."

Well if he is as he claims / a "Historian" his new place of residence should provide a fantastic opportunity to enlighten us all about the slave trade.

Kevin I checked the Museums in your area, why no mention of the "Slave Trade" ?

The Museums in the South as well as the Battlefields are required to mention Slavery,

Are the folks from Boston suffering from selective amnesia?

Prove your not on a South Bashing Crusade!

Come on Kevin ! Show us all what the Museums in your area say about slavery!



    I think that the above post will shut him up as well, Great work !

  2. Well it seems kevin has done something I have been asking for, for a long time-

    Good work Bubba !

    Now if you could just teach your sock puppet some manners!