Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Locket !

The Locket

At last the war was over, Now Johnny was on his way home.
And silent as most of the others - Passing a wasteland of ashes and stone.

For once on that land stood proud “Dixie” a lady that Johnny loved true.
At the station at home waited Heather, A jealous woman, but John loved her too.

Yes Heather was jealous of Dixie- because Dixie had taken “Her Man”
In her heart Heather tried to forgive her- But Dixie had ruined her plans.

At her church Heather planned to get Married- Then raise children to play in the yard!
But Dixie stole Johnny for four long years - so finding forgiveness was hard.

But now he was “HOME” it was over- yes sweet Heather was waiting for him.
With flowers in hand, she’d wait for this man- Then caress those coarse hairs on his chin.

But at the Station there were so many- in fact it took Heather a while.
When she saw him she greeted him gently- a silent kiss blended with a sad smile.

“Close she sat as they rode back of carriage- past Her Church that was burned to the ground
Then through a charred frame, its all that remained- of what once was there small southern town.

It was then that she noticed the “locket”- her auburn hair sticking out a small crack.
When she gave it to Johnny he Promised- that “Yes Dear- I’ll Bring It Back”

So true to his word Johnny had it - but as the carriage passed by the old well.
Heather looked in his face and saw the cold trace - of four years of fighting through Hell.

As the carriage pulled into the back yard - Johnny still had her locket in hand
Heather smiled and kissed him so Gently - closed the lid - Then she buried her man.

by Dave Tatum


  1. The time frame in the poem is 1865!
    but by changing a few words it could just as easy be 2011!
    I can only pray that the day will come when no more lockets' come home!

  2. Thank you, David. That's beautiful.