Thursday, August 4, 2011

Selective Racists !

Anyone see a burning cross or sheets in this photo ?
It's a monument to courage!


The Folks at The NAACP are boycotting South Carolina due to the Confederate Battle flag at The state house!

This is from a KKK rally in PA.

No PA Boycott! Why is that ? Lincoln maybe?

Yep if your gonna boycott a state because a flag has been used as a hate tool I think ya need to cover all your bases! OOOOOPs only 48 when this picture was taken!

An American Flag being used by a hate group, The same way they use the Battle Flag!

We have no control over the flag they choose to wave!

But The NAACP ain't got to be fair! Or open minded.

So I guess the National Association Against Confederate People should be added to the list of hate groups!


  1. Amen Brother! hey are very selective in the groups they protest! The Stars & Bars is as much a symbol of the Confederacy as the Battle Flag but these racists have no problem with it because they don't know enough history to see it. South Carolina has been a much better place since they have been boycotting us (since 2000). It hasn't harmed tourism but it keeps their kind of radical racism out of the state. This is known by everyone, even our new Governor, who has taken a principled stand against them!

  2. I could find a little sympathy for their ignorance IF THEY WERE ACTUALLY OFFENDED but, in fact, this is all a game to keep the money pouring in. The NAACP is in the same class as buggy whip manufacturers; the organization is obsolete and has found this issue as a means of prolonging its very useless life. The fact that politicians and media types pay attention to their whining, complaining and demanding has more to do with the strength of the race card than the strength of the black race.