Friday, August 19, 2011

To Remember - To Honor !

I have read hundreds of letters, diary entries and comments from men in the field, you know the ones who actually did the fighting.

And I have yet to find one from a Southerner that says, “I am here to preserve our right to own slaves!” Nor have I seen one from a Northerner saying, “ I am here to free the Black Man”.

I have read the inscriptions on many monuments the ones that honor the men who fought! And I have yet to read a plaque or inscription that says,

Dedicated to the brave men who fought for our right to own slaves.”

I have read of thundering battle cry’s, None of which said-


With all of the Hundreds of monuments, Thousands of letters, and recounts of battles; that if Slavery had been "the issue" it would show up some place!


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