Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Suppress Nothing !

This is a pretty basic rule! I feel that " Suppress nothing that is true"

This is what separates The Confederate or Southern Historian from the Yankee or Northern one!

The Northern historians are always shining a bright light on the South/Slavery !

The Yanks are all too quick to show the admitted faults of the south. In doing so the choose to ignore or conceal the other side of the issue!

They keep the spotlight in your eyes so that you Cant see what they don't want you to see!

All the time they are shining their halos!

It's a tactic that has been used for 150 years!

If the Yankee Bastards would just own up to their part in the mess we could move ahead!

But I guess guilt keeps em from doing so !

All of you Yankee Historians/Bloggers should follow the Suppression part !

1 comment:

  1. First, they aren't guilty in their own minds of anything. They only "doled out justice" on the evil South. That's what they believe but it isn't something that came AFTER the war. This idea existed BEFORE the war, indeed, even before the Declaration of Independence. The South - which was doing fine under the British - threw away their advantage to help the North whose only industry at the time was smuggling. The South carried the war, fought the war, supplied most of the troops (there are damned few Yankee graves in the South from the Revolution but a lot of Southern graves in the North) and most of the leaders. The North provided little except in a few cases. Actually, Benedict Arnold was RIGHT! The kudos from Ticonderoga, his victory, was stolen by Nathaniel Green and another key victory won by Arnold (in which he was seriously wounded) was claimed by Gen. Gates! So Arnold saved the nation TWICE and had his laurels bestowed upon another. It's no wonder that he "reconsidered" his loyalties. The South should have stuck with Great Britain. She would have been a valued colony (later member of the Commonwealth) instead of a despised economic colony under the "glories" of New England - whose values, by the way are now considered what America IS (gag!).