Thursday, July 14, 2011

What would Sherman have done"

This is a letter from My Great Uncle W.H. Tatum / First company Richmond Howitzers.
It shows the difference in the way the war was waged!

(Click on letter to make it larger)


  1. Thanks for sharing the hearts of our ancestors David! We were invaded by an illegal adversary. We had every right to decimate the train, troops, and town but the chance that innocents might be hurt in the process stopped the attack. Quite a contrast to Union troops and commanders that willingly made war on innocents because they could not beat our armies in the field.

  2. Thanks for the comment Stan, as I often do I post the letters, this time I added a comment, most of the time I let the letters speak alone.

    But this time I put my 2 cents in.
    I don't think I was unfair.

    We all know good and well what Gen Sherman would have done given the same conditions!