Thursday, July 28, 2011

So who is the "Revisionist" ?

It seems that "All Things Confederate" are under attack.

. The PC "Historians and their sock puppet bloggers are out to continue the trend started over 150 years ago.

The NAACP is offended by the Battle Flag! Black Confederates' who do not meet the parameters of certain "Historians" do not exist! George Orwell had it right, they keep stuffing all things Confederate down the memory hole and rewrite what they want us to believe. So who is the revisionist ?
Then if you don't get on board with their Official Version of the war, you're a Neo Confederate ! Any documentation you present is validated only if they say so! And in order to have their blessing it has to conform to what they want you to believe!
If your going to start tearing down Monuments start with Mr Lincolns in DC.
I am offended by it! My tax dollars are going to maintain a memorial to a racist war monger !
The Great Emancipator: who was in favor of Colonization! And started a war that cost many thousands of lives on both sides.
The Tyrant who imprisoned people who spoke against his policy's', deported members of the government who opposed him, issued arrest warrants for Jude's who disagreed with him! And shut down newspapers that voiced opposing views. Why won't the well rounded "Historian / Bloggers / Teachers / X-Teachers, address the Norths role in the slave trade, the Black Exclusionary Laws, or any number of other racist factions that were in the north?



  1. The facts are neutral. A REAL historian and not a hack on any side, gives facts, period. He does not pick and choose facts that agree with his point of view or exclude those which do not. Neither does he include spurious sources and censor sources whose only problem is that he disagrees with them; I have seen all of the above in the current "academic community."

    Lincoln was despised by his own side but his death gave them the perfect opportunity to embrace him without having to put up with him. Beginning before he even breathed his last, the campaign of myth and lies had begun. Removed from historical perspective by his "martyr's death," we've been fed tons of garbage over almost 150 years and from that springs virtually all of the rest of the present propaganda.

    The truly alarming thing in all of this is that the truth has ALWAYS been known except by the vast majority of Americans even back before a shooting war began. But a combination of media complicity, government lies and personal bigotry and/or apathy has brought us where we are today, 180 degrees from the truth.

  2. They cannot acknowledge the north's true historical implications in the slave trade, David! Doing so would knock the blinders off the eyes of some of their followers being led blindly along by these devious "pied pipers" that are gleefully leading their prey over the PC cliff to their mutual destruction. Their house of cards (usually race cards) is collapsing and they cannot afford acknowledging the truth.