Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sad But True !

It's sad but TRUE, this sounds like an Amos and Andy bit, more than it does an actual government function !

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  1. I have a Northern newspaper account of a meeting of the South Carolina Legislature during reconstruction which sounds very much as if Mr. Holmes was, in fact, present in every last representative present in that august body. Of course, the members were all former slaves, illiterate and capable only of "aping" (no pun intended) the behavior of those whose offices they now held by virtue of the military occupation government. I'm sure that the same thing was the case in the legislatures of every Southern state since white males had been disenfranchised by the radicals.

    It is sad to consider that the same total lack of valid credentials to hold office continues to obtain at a time when it would be hoped this nation would have reached a different and more advanced position in racial matters. Of course, as more and more whites are dumbed down by our "ejakashunul system" it may not be too long before Mr. Holmes' behavior is conceived as elevated by comparison.