Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey Kevin!

Glad to read your checking out the "Local History" in your new hometown!

Do me a favor ! Check out the local maritime museums; see what they have to say about the North's role in the slave trade!

I'll bet the places are overflowing with the true story ! (NOT)

After all, the South has to address slavery at its battlefields and museums, so the North should be held to the same standards.

While you are checking it out, I'm gonna buy a lotto ticket, I got a better chance of winning the lotto than I do waiting for an HONEST reply from you!

Be careful Bubba remember what happened in Virginia, ya can't go bad mouthing your home town and keep a job!


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  1. Amen David! Check on how the riots were in Boston because integration was forced on them too. In SC, the races had been mixed for years because we had what was called "Freedom of Choice" where the parents decided which schools their children would attend - part of parenting. Bostonians rioted for nearly 2 years over the issue, I remember seeing it on the news when it was happening, but it's never mentioned anywhere anymore while the South is whitewashed with being "racist" all the time. The TRUTH will set you free!