Sunday, January 29, 2017

A New Coin for Virginia Confederates.

I got a new coin to reproduce, this one is for VA Confederates ---

Virtus- Spear Up !
The seal,( Of Virginia) designed by George Wythe, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was first adopted in 1776.  ***
The state's seal was placed on the flag at the start of America's Civil War in 1861.

I'm making some of them in a Soft Silver color.
They will tend to Blend in with most grave stones.

I'm also trying gold --

The original on the left cost $17.00 I'll sell my copies for $1.00

I've been making coins to place on Confederate Veterans 
Graves for some time now,
I'm really happy with my latest batch 

( Copper spray paint works magic)


It's a shame that in 1930 the Image was officially modified to the Spear Down design !

This is the Proper Image --

Pre-Yankee Occupation Virtus was in her full suit of armor with the tyrant supine.
The spear up represents Virtus ready to attack again.

After the war, occupying forces exposed her breast, and had her weapon placed down to indicate that she admitted defeat to the union, and that she wouldn't take up Arms against the Federal Govt again.

Thanks to Donald Caul for help with this information !

*** Fred Taylor offers more information --
The flag actually pre-dates the start of the War, as the seal was first placed on a blue field/flag by Virginia Governor John Floyd, who served from 1830-34. It was to mirror what is known as the Burnet Flag that traces its history to the Republic of West Florida (1810), then the Republic of Texas (1836)... aka the Bonnie Blue Flag, simply replacing the single star with the Virginia seal. However, it was first made the "official" flag and adopted by the Virginia secession convention in April of 1861.

Thank you Fred !!

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