Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lee - Jackson day 2017

I was sent a few pictures of the on goings in Lexington VA.

One of them made  me a tad "Warm and Fuzzy"

This picture shows an M-10, one of the coins I make, placed to thank and honor Stonewall Jackson.

This is an M-10

I've made over 1000 M-10 coins and they are on the graves of Confederate Soldiers
from VA Beach. VA to California.

I want to thank the people who use the coins'
weather it's an M-10  a Remember coin
or a Crossed Flag marker

( The original REMEMBER Coin )

I am honored that folks use them to honor our Confederate heroes !

Doesn't matter if it's a Private or a General, they all deserve recognition.

Again Thanks folks for using the coins I make.


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