Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dylan Roof my Solution

Well he's been found guilty, as if there were any doubt.
But everyone is entitled to a fair trial that's the American way.

I say hang him !
Not a drop and neck break hanging (too fast)
But a kick the stool out from under him and let him dance.
I'll kick the stool !

Nine innocent lives were lost due to this Sick Bastard.
(I know I've said that there is no place for profanity but I'm making an exception)

Not only were nine lives lost, but the families of the nine were devastated,
 and the community and nation were appalled.

This is the first time I've mentioned this but -
A few days following the murders I sent a set of ribbons to the Church.
In a plain envelope with no return address.
I had to do something !

Now then ---
A secondary result of his actions was the backlash over the Confederate Battle Flag.
Due to pictures like this --
Another example of the Battle Flag being abused.

I have no control over what flag people choose to use for any given reason. 

Nor can I control the media's spin on the Battle Flag.

But what I can control is my use of the Flag.

I have always displayed it to Honor the Southerners who
 Defended their homes from an invading army.

Nothing will change in my determination to Honor the 
Confederate Solider.


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