Sunday, February 5, 2017

Liars and Racist Laid Bare - OH MY !

Liar !
Kristin Szakos

I guess Kristin was making the Facts fit her agenda.
The removal of the Lee statue in Charlottesville.
Image result for Robert Edward Lee Sculpture

Turns out it's not the KKK but the

The Richmond Light Infantry Blues

Local Historians had informed Kristin of her error !

I found this at Kristin's F/B page seems appropriate --

That shoe fits rather well !

Racist !
Wes Bellamy

His Tweets speak for themselves.

Pray for the Citizens of Charlottesville.

They need all the help they can get !


Now Then !

Had Joe Smith a White Supremacist been photographed at a VA Flagger event.

Levin, Hall, Simpson and their Peanut gallery's would be on it like White on Rice ! 

But seeing as how the racist and liars in C-Ville have the same Anti Confederate agenda,

You'll not hear a peep out of them.

" And That's The Way It Is February 5th 2017"


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    1. Thanks, It takes me about an hour to drive to work, I do a lot of thinking on the drive, sometimes I remember !