Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Been There, Done That / Got the T- Shirt

Roadside rebel flag violates zoning ordinance.

Story HERE !

Yep this ain't the first time the issue has been raised.
I remember when the first roadside flag went up along I-95 in Chester.
The VDOT right of way issue was raised, as were claims of
"Disturbing Confederate Burial Grounds"
Same old Same Old, nothing new.

I myself had a complaint when I put up my Monument -
The local paper made mention of it
My blog post is Here !

I still have a copy --

Yep put up anything "Confederate" and somebody is gonna gripe about it !

As for the Flag in Lexington, the land owner says

"Brian Rowsey, who runs the 60 West Pawn Shop where the flag is located just north of city limits, vowed Tuesday: “That flag is not coming down.”

Well we shall see, Eddie Inman said it best --

"Worse thing that happens is the pole gets moved a few feet. Flag will just as visible."

And another Flag is coming in Chesapeake VA, 
Gotta be there for that !

"OH Yea Life goes on" --


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