Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in the Books.

Well 2015 is in the books,
and we that respect and honor the Battle Flag have seen our beloved Flag 
take a beating in the public realm.

Our flags and monuments are under a vicious, renewed attack.
Mostly a knee-jerk reaction from the shootings in S.C.

Many flag haters have taken this opportunity to ride on the coat tails of the tragedy
 and advance their anti-flag / anti-Confederate agenda.

On the other hand in the private sector, we have seen a lot of folks come out and 
"Advance The Colors"

Flag rallies where hundreds of people have flown the colors
 and people offering their land for flag raising to the VA Flaggers.

I'm praying that in 2016 the True Spirit of the Battle Flag will grow !

Let's work together and save our Heritage !

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