Saturday, January 2, 2016

Good News / Bad News from Alabama.

On 12/12 2015 I got a request for a few Remember coins from Chris Brantley, I was happy to provide him a few coins at no cost, the only request I make is that when the coins are placed,
                                                  please send me a picture.

With the Holiday's we have all been busy, but Chris has sent me some pictures / and some disturbing news.

First the pictures --

Wow I never get tired of seeing the coins after having been placed, thank you Mr Brantley for allowing me to help honor your ancestors.


With the pictures I received this message ---

 Mr Tatum

I finally had a chance to get the memory tokens out. Unfortunately, I found some horrible scumbag scalawag had ripped all my Battle flags up off my GGgrandfather's grave. Even worse my GGUncle who was the only Confederate vet in the same cemetery to actually have a marker that denoted CSA service, his marker had completely been removed/stolen!! The overseer of the cemetery gave me some excuse about the wild dogs that like to tear up the flags, but the funny thing is, they only eat Confederate Battle Flags! Every single Stars and Stripes Flag survived the savage dog pack attack! I then asked where the tombstone was to which I was told that nothing had been moved and there wasn't a grave there w that name on it. I'm actually glad I didn't find all this out until after the Holidays. So, as you can see my first stop at the 1st GGgrandfather Daniel Holsomback 24th Alabama Infantry company H was good. The next stop is where I found the disrespectful acts had happened. My GGgrandfather Isaac Monroe Brantley 42nd Georgia Infantry company G. My GGUncle John Brantley 66th Georgia Infantry company K headstone was missing. Pretty hot about that one. I'm going to be making some calls and finding some answers you can best believe that. Included are the pictures of the 2 I was able to get out today. You now have coins in Shelby and Chilton counties, Alabama.

( The emphasis text is my doing ) 

It's a sad state of affairs when PUNKS dishonor the dead.

Mr Brantley I hope that the PUNKS who stole your ancestors marker are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I am so sorry to hear of this situation,

Let me suggest contacting the Veterans Administration to have the marker replaced, as an ancestor
 I think you have that right !

As for the Flags, contact the Virginia Flaggers I'm sure they can send you a few replacements.
Tell em Dave Tatum sent ya !

Please keep me updated on the theft, And thank you again for allowing me to help honor your ancestors.

Anyone else who would like a few coins to honor their Confederate Ancestors 
contact me and I'll hook you up.

No charge* for the coins other than sending me a picture of the coins after they have been placed.

* well almost no charge you got to send me a small padded,
 self addressed envelope with $2.75 postage

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